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Recap 01 - August 26th, 2006

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Who's who?

Team Snow

Human Monk
She's the queen of kung fu fighting. And she's fast as lightning.

Leiralyn Rose
Elven Fighter
A spoiled elf princess with a deadly sword arm. But does it seem that she's on the run from something?

Josy Lauren
Hafling Cleric
Short and quiet, this half-sized hermit knows how to put the "boom" in boomerang.

Alana Kim
Elven Fighter
A Queen Morwyn loyalist, this elven warrior's hot temper causes conflict with her soldier's training.

Team Leento

Human Druid
Likes: Trees and Dirt
Dislikes: Everything else!

Flerm Wei
Drow Fighter
A silent and deadly Dark Elf. Why has Beeblebrox placed the party in danger by insisting he be included?

Turtle Krista
Dwarven Thief
The kleptomaniac midget with a manic giggle and a mean axe.

Team Malouf

Human Barbarian
A teen barbarian heartthrob who just needs the right lady to teach him how to love. And table manners.

Synchromie Ana
Elven Shokujen
A gentle elven monk from a distant land. Can her pacifistic ways last long in a violent world?

Brecaryn Gentleharp Birdie
Elven Magic-User
This mystic apprentice of Beeblebrox himself is a full of strange powers and is always seeking knowledge.

Portentia Shawn
Gnome Cleric
Don't let the fact that she's a cheerful gnome healer with a good singing voice fool you. That's one big hammer she carries.

Letters to Lashtal

I hope this letter finds you and Chyekk well. Because your duties as the Master Bard of Chumera have kept you away from us of late, I felt I should keep you informed of what has been going on at Sorcerer's Isle.

Over the past few weeks, more and more adventurers have been arriving at the wizard's tower. The other night, Beeblebrox invited us all to dinner. Leento explained the situation: Someone or something has been using a Red Bull to incinerate all the unicorns of the land. This has upset the natural balance of the world and caused it to be unsafe to travel at night. As a result, the various towns and cities are becoming more and more isolated, causing the Chumeran kingdom to shrink. Beeblebrox has assigned us the task of stopping this.

Our first step, according to the mad wizard, is to acquire a second portal to the mirror dimension. We acquired the first portal when we defeated the wizard Skarda who used the mirror world to transport an army into Chumera's capital, Roesh. If we can obtain a second mirror, we will be able to travel between mirrors, bypassing miles in minutes. Hopefully, this will provide a solution to the problem of traveling at night.

Beeblebrox's spells have located a second mirror somewhere in the lair of the Trogo goblin clan. Each of us has been assigned a group to lead. However, these newcomers are all quite inexperienced. I am leading a pair of elven fighters and a hobbit healer. Despite her diminutive size, the halfling is quite skilled with a boomerang. I have some concerns about the fighting abilities of the two elves, as one of them seems quite frail, but time will tell. My group will serve as the main fighting force, handling most of the combat.

I should say my group will handle all of the combat Malouf deigns to leave us. Our young barbarian is as impetuous as ever, charging into any fray regardless of his own safety. If we encounter archers or wizards deep behind enemy lines, he is likely to charge through to take them out. My concern is slightly alleviated by the knowledge that he has two healers to support him. He will need them. One is a gnome. I have never met a gnome before now. She is quiet, but seems friendly. The other is an elf, and dresses much like the people from my homeland. I hope to get a chance to speak with her. Beeblebrox has also put his apprentice sorceress on Malouf's team. The barbarian had some objections to this. As you recall, he cannot tolerate magic. I hope Beeblebrox has made the correct decision.

Leento's power increases with each passing day. Since the death of Hengus and the Druidic Council, he has become more and more withdrawn. His behaviour causes me some concern. I will keep a close watch on him. Beeblebrox has put a dark elf and a dwarven thief on his team. I do not approve of this arrangement. These three have a, shall we say, flexible moral code and with no one to check them, I am afraid of how far they may go to achieve their goals.

Malouf has discovered that I am writing a letter to you and asks me to include this as well:

i hope youre doing good and long for the day when we can share our experiences in person again im still doing work for beeblebrox as I promised im not sure what to make of him sometimes he places me in charge of three women if that werent bad enough i should not be in charge of anyone especially women they all are magic types sure two are clerics and i get there healing stuff is important and helpful but one is an actual wizard he says this is to better me or something but im no leader my brother was a thinker not me

So im stuck leading these three women snow is rightfully though also leading three women and lean-toe is leading one cagey woman and some blue skinned elf man snow says hes evil and lean-toe agreed but said beeblebrox trusts him and thats the way it is

beeblebrox has us trying to find another magic mirror that he says will help us travel now that noone can travel safely at night and the mirror will help us find whatevers sending a magic red bull thats killing unicorns of the forests and that they maybe linked i dont know this stuff but he says we have to leave first thing next morning and should be back by nightfall and then he puts snow and lean-toe and me in charge it makes no sense snow should be the leader or one of the other women he says one of them turtle is his apprentice she should be in charge but shes a little wacky trying to sneak around with a bunch of birds she loves animals like lean-toe but you can't sneak with birds like that we left the next morning and went through town where some people were staring and following us there were a dozen of us including ursa walking through the streets and one little kid dared speak to portentia one of the women who allowed me to be her leader doesn't make any sense but i could tell she was a little new to this town and after snow said to do something i told him that was enough of his clever talk and he ran scared and all the merchants are in a hurry to travel while its still daylight so they can make money and hiring people to protect them and stuff

So we followed the trail and just over a bridge we see a few orcs bothering a merchant while a soldier was on the ground they were in our way so i motion to snow if we should do something she says yeah so i tell my group to cover me especially that wizard girl and i ran in and killed some orc snow quickly followed and the team made short work of them but before we could get the third guy he blew a horn calling his tribe over and then we were flanked with a dozen with a owlbear on one side and a big guy in armor flanked by some some other orcs on the other side lean-toe took out the group with the owlbear by himself and the rest of us made short work of the others the clerics with me did some good healing and stuff and the wizard actually helped but not much ha ha and snows team really is interesting theres this one woman Josy and I thought she wouldve been the least good warrior if i could be honest but she was actually the best shows what i know the one I thought would be the best was really the least and if it werent you id say she was a coward and the other just stood there or something i couldnt really keep track the blue guy with lean-toe wasnt bad with the arrows and that turtle character was pretty good with an axe

So we defeat the orc chief he asks us our tribe i dont know what snow said but he said he wont harm us anymore he walks off as some in our party ask questions i ask snow she said not to stop him and it was a good thing because he had dozens more with him now we made orc friends i guess i dont know what to think about that So we get to the goblin cave where beeblebrox says the mirror is and lean-toes eagle says there some outside and i check it out and there are some goblins cooking and some sleeping but a big signaling gong and because chyekk wasnt there to just barge in like we should of we actually came up with some sneakiness and with snow taking out the awake ones and me the sleeping ones blocking them from entering the cave and lean-toe using plants to block the gong and the others backing us up well i capture the last one alive and lean-toe and turtle asked him questions it sounded like scratching to me and i said to get him to draw a map of the cave and he did some and said there were bugbears and more goblins and some big men so lean-toe said we were done so i killed him

So the party figured the mirror would be where they keep the treasure so we went towards where the goblin said they kept there treasure but they said no light since they could see but since there was no light and since snow and i were in front that blue elf went in front good i can keep an eye on him but i couldnt see so all the non-humans saw but i fight good at night and then we entered a room with torch light and some goblins snow said to force them towards us to trap them in a narrow hall and the wizard actually did some good and used magic lights to lure them towards us where we made short work of them and then three bugbears and six archer goblins showed up and again the small snow girl did good and the coward did better i guess but not good enough for a woman thats right and the wizard did good and lean-toe moved the stone to protect us and my clerics protected me and snow got injured some but in the end it was fine we killed them

it was getting late and there was a door in front of us that was unlocked and i wanted to get to the magic stuff before my wizard did and i heard a voice call me in my head and i felt i had to go into the next room i knew something was there and not what it was exactly or what it wanted with me but i had to go to it and nothing else seemed to matter so i opened the door and then gas came out and i could tell snow was in trouble but i didnt care i had to goto the next room shell never forgive me and there was treasure and the most beautiful box on a pedestal and i had to open it i just needed a look and i didnt know what to do or what i was doing but lean-toe was chanting behind me and in the box was an all black blade which i just had to touch and i picked it up and felt all weird but right and then lean-toe attacked me and i had to do what he said but he asked me things i didnt know and the sword attacked him back and the others were grabbing money like they had never found money before and i dont know whats happened to me but i think im scared Malouf Son of Calib Daughter of Tablan, Daughter of Grumque, Daughter of Selain, Daughter of Altind,Daughter of Reig.

That is all for now. I will do my best to look after our young barbarian.

I have included a map to the goblin lair where we currently are. Fare thee well, Lashtal.


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