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Recap 02 - September 9th, 2006

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Bullet points for the hard-of-reading

  • Slept in the Trogo Goblin Clan's treasure vault.
  • Woke up to a crashing sound. Leiralyn and Flerm went to investigate and got into a fight with Chyekk, who was sent by Beeblebrox to find out why the party hadn't returned.
  • Fought many goblins, some worgd & dire wolves, some bugbears.
  • Teamed up with Mogabo, deposed king of the goblins. Defeated Barpa, the bugbear leader who overthrew him, and the traitorous goblin sorcerers who helped.
  • Having not found the Mirror, travelled to the other part of the cave.
  • Fought some carrion crawlers, nasty worms with many tentacles that paralyze.
  • Slew three giants and their giant lizard pets. Took their treasure, which included the Mirror.
  • Saw some drow warriors, who escaped and collapsed a tunnel so the party couldn't follow. Flerm said they were mad at him for associating with surface folk.
  • Found a magic shop run by a strange little gnome called Arlando the Able, Purveyor of Wonders. Bought some potions and a few magic hours. Leento received a suit of dragon scale armor as a gift.
  • On the way home, passed a group of Broken Bone orcs, who seemed to be respecting the truce the party made with them.

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