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Recap 08 - March 17th, 2007

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Just give me the bullet points

  • Revived Flerm and Alana, left the Sleestack (lizard man) cave
  • Tip-toed through the mountains, past some rather large wasp nests
  • Got into a fight with some trolls on a rope bridge, fell a long distance into the river below, got swept down-river into a swamp.
  • Fought some more of those #@^#%! giant frogs
  • Had a nice conversation with an anklosaurus
  • Climbed up a water fall, fought some stone monsters
  • Found the remnants of an abandoned civilization - ivory ruins atop a large plateau. The plateau seemed entirely devoid of animal life - not even birds were seen.
  • In the center of the plateau was a still-standing temple surrounded by a pool of lava. Entered the temple.
  • Found a large statue of a creature's head in the foyer of the temple. Discovered that the head could be rotated with a dial and could be made to breathe fire with a lever.
  • Also found a strange room hidden below a secret area off the side of the foyer. The room contained six statues, which were determined to be a Sleestack, an elf (possibly Drow), a strange squid-like creature (later identified as a Kopru), a hooded skeleton (Ikenreich, the triple death), a beautiful woman (Dementhena), Goddess of Light), and a blobby creature with hundreds of mouths (Yog-Soggoth, eater of souls). A secondary search revealed thin grooves around the "necks" of each statue.
  • Encountered a female Sleestack who had been spying on the group. She revealed that they were engaged in a conflict with the "Kopru" and had tested the party in their cave and were now willing to help the party along. She provided a necklace to the group and then disappeared, providing very little information.
  • A portion of the corridor floor collapsed and some of the party fell into the dark stagnant water below.
  • Malouf and Brecaryn, explored the under water area, and after being infected by water parasites, opened up a section of the underwater corridor, turning the stagnant water into a gushing underground river.
  • Separated from the group, Malouf and Brecaryn explored some of the lower level, almost meeting their deaths to some fire basilisks, and then finding a way to shut off the water.
  • Found some information that showed a circle of dominance with the "major factions" and "minor factions". There is a clear hierarchy amongst the major factions. The party determined which assets they had that could be used to defeat each of the major factions. Malouf felt a sinking feeling when he realized that his sword was used as the symbol for Yog-Soggoth, the eater of souls.
  • Ate some delicious boiled cabbage and potatoes

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