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Obsessively putting our comics in chronological order since 1985.
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Welcome to the humble beginnings of my ambitious project, which attempts to present a timeline or chronology of all Marvel comics. See The Rules and the Q&A sections for more details. I am currently adding comics from 1989 to the Project.

News: (8/30/14) - I've been treating Inferno like a mini-project, and now that i'm done i'm going to take a little break, possibly up to a week, before i start working on "regular" 1989. Yes, i know there is still a little flotsam of Inferno left and there's also some unrelated stuff that i've skipped, like Silver Surfer #19-20. I'll come back to all of that. A big event like Inferno is pretty draining compared to the same amount of issues of regular books, so it's worth a brief pause for me.

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