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Obsessively putting our comics in chronological order since 1985.
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Welcome to the humble beginnings of my ambitious project, which attempts to present a timeline or chronology of all Marvel comics. See The Rules and the Q&A sections for more details. I am currently adding comics from 1988 to the Project.

News: (7/27/14) - Back to our regular schedule.

And an additional update: while i was away, JSFan wasn't able to easily find the first appearance of the Vault on this site. So what i've done is enable the ability to specifically target the comments that i put after the Historical Significance rating in the Advanced Search. So you can now go to the Advanced Search, just check the Historical Comments box and search for "Vault" and just get all issues where the Historical Significance comments mentions the Vault. Try the same for "Cosmic Cube" to see how it can work for a multi-issue result set.

While i was at it, i also enabled the Editor and Assistant Editor fields. I've held back on doing this in the past because the data is spotty. I intended to track those fields from the beginning but there really weren't "Editors" in the very beginning (the person listed as the Editor was really the Editor in Chief) and then for a while the Editors weren't credited. So i was out of practice by the time Editor credits started being more consistent and at some point i'll have to go back and fill that data in, but i don't want to slow down progress for that any time soon. Additionally, even by 1988, Assistant Editor credits are only given for issues that have lettercols (the AEs are usually consistent enough that i could fill in the blanks but i don't like to assume), so that data is extra spotty. Still, i thought it would be valuable to allow searching for at least the data that is available.

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