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Obsessively putting our comics in chronological order since 1985.
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Welcome to the humble beginnings of my ambitious project, which attempts to present a timeline or chronology of all Marvel comics. See The Rules and the Q&A sections for more details. I am currently adding comics from 1989 to the Project.

News: (11/21/14) - (Repeated from the forum) Having completed the Marvel Comics Presents issues that i'm going to cover for now, i'm taking a break from 1989, and a shorter break from the project for a while. I'm not calling the year "done" because i wanted to stop for now before covering Acts of Vengeance (as much as was possible) since that event runs directly into 1990. And when i get back to Acts of Vengeance, many of those issues will still be placed in the 1989 category. So you won't see me putting the finishing touches on the 1989 category page for now. But i won't be actively working on it for some time.

I'm first going to take a break, possibly a month long or so, and focus on some other free time projects. My goal was to finish 1989 (sans AoV) by the end of the year, and i'm actually ahead of that schedule. So i intend to use that extra time to catch up on other things. I may wind up coming back to this project before the month is up, maybe at a slower pace.

Either way, when i get back to comics, i'll be starting with a back issue add, which will include all of the orange font comics on the What's Missing page as well as some more Marvel Comics Presents that take place in 1989. Then i'll probably take another break before getting back to Acts of Vengeance and go from there directly into 1990.

Update: the above still holds but for the month of December i'm sporadically working on stuff from the Back Issue Add.


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