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Dar as-Sabtah's Journal:

Searching through the Oblivion King's former home in Altar, the Crew finds this journal.

While magical potions are intended to be taken orally, experimentation has shown that intravenous injection ensures the effect is not diluted by stomach acids, and therefore doubles potency. Repeated use of this method, however, causes the body to build up a resistance that eventually makes oral usage ineffective. Therefore, while not to be a regular habit, it is useful during a time of great need. Of course, during those times, utilizing an injection device is rarely feasible. Perhaps one could devise a suppository...
Comparatively, the other Elders are astronomically beyond the others in Altar. But to me, they are like simpletons. How I long for an intellectual equal...
The insufferable prying of the troublemaking curate at the Temple of Bast has become a nuisance I shall no longer tolerate. I shall kill two birds with one stone. Nal-Ugubis's death will also rid me of this... Balingal.
With the administration of troll blood, a person could graft a third arm to their body. While, for anatomical reasons, the arm may not be functional, it should still allow a person to wield a third magical ring, thus providing a loophole to that frustrating fact that wearing two rings on one hand always cause the two to cancel each other out.
My knowledge increases daily, and yet I have no one with which to share my discoveries...
...virginal blood obtained by the latest Ritual of Cleansing has been instrumental in confirming the principles of Mordenkainen...
...replicas of a golem I read passing reference to in a missive while doing research on Gaxx. The indestructible nature and oddly passive behavior caught my attention. I paid handsomely for a group of Zhentilians to investigate the area referenced but they found only a charred broken piece of wood preserved in a handsome chest. If it ever was something, it is now inert and provides no further clues. No more was to be learned. The duplicates, if they exist, should prove interesting.
It is unknown why the ancient mage Bigby seemed to focus exclusively on hand-like manifestations. But studying the arcana behind the spells, I have discovered a unified principle that could be applied to all such evocations. Unfortunately, my time on this earthly realm grows short. If only I could find the means to extend my life beyond that which the Zhentilian Fountain has already granted me.

(From here, only a few terse technical entries are legible, and the journal seems to have been abandoned soon afterward.)


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