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Meanwhile... cry Havoc!:
Vornys Mindbender: Moons of Muniper! What is that thing?

Captain Dokari: By the look of it, i'd say it's a giant undead owlbear.

Rval: Aye! An' by the smell of it, too.

Ardaw: Gee. Another horrifying undead creature. No problem; our cleric can just turn it. Oh wait! Our cleric is neutrally aligned. He can't turn anything!

Banque: Again with this? I told you, Ardaw. If you don't like my Goddess, you are welcome to refuse her healing the next time you have an orc blade stuck in your gut.

Captain Dokari: Alright, enough. Let's get planning. A little ways back the cavern narrows a bit. Thudlok, you sting it with some arrows and lead it back there. The rest of us will set up...

Malouf: DIE, foul thing! *charges ahead*

Captain Dokari: What the--?

Lieralyn: Oh, yeah. He does that. Well, i guess i better go back him up. *follows Malouf, sword above her head*

Captain Dokari: Wait! No...

Adarra: *shrugs* Oh well, here we go again...! *skips ahead chanting about the Earth Mother*

Captain Dokari: ... Such an undisciplined group of misfits. No wonder we're always a step ahead of them. I don't know how they ever--

Ardaw: Uh, Captain? *points*

Captain Dokari: Oh. Right. Hello, Thrain. Not running off with your crew?

Thrain: No ma'am. I have been trained to follow orders. I'm not like them.

Captain Dokari: Well, I guess we'd better go help out. Oh!

Malouf: This monster is dead. *throws a partially rotted giant owlbear head to Dokari's feet* Captain Dokari, you honor us by allowing us to attack it on our own.

Lieralyn: Yeah, seriously. Thanks a lot. Hmph!

And so it goes as Havoc Company and their guests travel deeper in to the Underdark, following the path that they used before. When they reach the point where they previously rescued Thydor, Malouf bends to the ground, sniffs around, and waves the group ahead down a path mostly hidden by an outcrop of rock. Several battles later (some of which Havoc Company even get to participate in), Qikko begins waving frantically.

Qikko: Ok, i got something. Just up ahead a bit, a group of humanoids that definitely contains some Mind Flayers.

Adarra: Nice work, Qikko!

Captain Dokari: Ok, everyone halt. And Malouf, I am including you in that and I mean it or so help me--

Malouf: I follow your lead, Captain Dokari.

Captain Dokari: Uh-huh. Ok, everyone. Quietly follow me. Qikko and Mindbender have us covered. Think happy thoughts and try to remember who your friends are.

Three minutes later....

Ardaw: Arghhhh! My brain is on fire!

Banque: Did we win? Did we win?

Qikko: All i can remember is Lieralyn trying to pull one of my arms off.

Adarra: Poor Qikko!

Lieralyn: It wasn't my fault!

Captain Dokari: We drove them off, anyway.

Thudlok: Look! We killed one!

Ardaw: Hey, did one of those Mind Flayers look a lot bigger than the rest of them?

Captain Dokari: Yes. It looked to be the same size as that guy Regan that we saw bossing around the Gelfini workers when we left this morning.

Malouf: Do you think they are aligned? Could this all be a ruse to lead us away from Gelfini?

Captain Dokari: I don't know. They split up. The big one went that way. Most of the others went the other way. Rval, what's in the direction the larger group went?

Rval: Ach, it's a wee bit disorientin' down here. But if i have me mind on straight, that way goes ta the Drow city of T'lindhet.

Captain Dokari: Ok, I don't want us going near Drow. Make sure you map accurately; if we run into Snow's group we can show them where those Mind Flayers went and they can go that way with Flerm. We'll follow the big one.

A little later, Havoc Company runs into the Motley Crew. They exchange notes, and realize the big Mind Flayer may have been the one responsible for the world-shrinking, which is what the Motley Crew are in the Underdark to stop. Since Havoc Company are after the group that is responsible for raising the Elder God, they realize they have to double back and follow the other group that went to the Drow city. But they'll need Flerm for that. Alana also wants to go to the Drow city because "they might have good arrows". Lieralyn says she's not going anywhere near the Drow, citing personal reasons, so she rejoins the Motley Crew. And Malouf is needed to track the larger Mind Flayer. Adarra, however, isn't letting the adorable Qikko out of her sight.

Also Meanwhile...

Kurtis: Doo doo doo doo doo. My three day excursion into the woods searching for rare mushrooms sure was fun. But it's time to get back to the group. Wait... what's happened to Gelfini???!


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Alana is insulted that the story is making her go to the Drow city for such a dumb reason. She is smarter than that.

Is thete any more?

This was an interlude that took place in between sessions. The recaps of our sessions are here.

What's happening with your D&D weekends? Are they on hiatus?

Nope. We've got one coming up this weekend, actually. We usually have one (very) approximately once a month, but we skipped August, and the recap for the last one doesn't go up until the week before the next session. So you'll see September's recap soon.

Oh cool. Look forward to it!

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