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Planning thread:

Issues in your new territory
Mountain Giants
Fanatically religious orcs
Something strange in the Southwest forest
Shambling Mounds in the swamp
Deal with the Drow threat

Other stuff
Secure the other Mirrors of Thought
Find out why Leento hasn't been answering your calls

New characters?
Also let me know if you intend to create a new character for this session.


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I am concerned about Leento especially considering those mages with the regenerating storm gorilla were recently on the Isle of Dread. As you know, Leento would not allow anyone to take one of the creatures from the island.

And the unclaimed Mirrors are a great threat to all of us. Now with Karzda in the picture, securing those remaining mirrors might be even more imperative.

I believe the other menaces to the land will be sorted out just because we will have to pass through these areas in order to solve the Leento and Mirrors of Though problems.

I'm curious about what is so strange at the forest and if we can hit the swamp on the way there or back even better. I have no interested in dealing with anymore Giants (send the giant spiders after them) or religious orcs.

Are the mirrors even in this new area??

Are we ready to roll for new characters already? I thought we needed to build our castle first to get our followers to come.

The situation in the forest: people have declared their intention to explore the area or go and do some lumberjacking, and come back confused; not remembering what happened, sometimes not even remembering that they had left the village. Some therefore speculate that it's therefore the source of other unexplained happenings as well (e.g. strange lights around the territory at night, people's equipment or meager treasures going missing, sightings of weird creatures) but it's not proven that one relates to the other.

Regarding new characters, if someone wants to start playing a new character, you can. What i said was that the townspeople would build you a temporary quarters for now while your castle was being built, and that would count for the purposes of attracting followers, so long as you were having the real one built.

Leiralyn.. eventually we still have to deal with the giants. but at least we don't have to do it right now.. at the rate we're going though and based on past success.. you're right. we'll probably just ally the giant spiders with the giants and call it a a day. maybe add the fanatics to that too.

I agree with Snow, we should check in on Leento and see what happened there and make sure there aren't other wizards trying to do the same thing. the mirror thing is an issue (if you dont agree.. just wait till Karzda shows up and destroys everything in it because he knows all the secrets to it too. that'll be fun for everyone.

Plus didn't we have some initial plan to test the giant spiders and their willingness to follow the new law?

Do you have any information in regards to the location of other mirrors?

Is there any way to find out about Leento other than taking a ship to the Isle of Dread?

We were thinking of making it appear as if we were leaving the town and then seeing if the spiders broke the treaty.

Here's what's known about the mirror locations:

1 - With the Motley Crew
2 - Near Candonia with the auxiliary Crew (Chyekk, Lashtal, Turtle, Synchromie)
3 - In Beeblebrox's tower (uncovered)
4 - Isle of Dread (covered)
5 - Near Klute's homeland (covered, exact location unknown)
6 - Under water (uncovered, exact location unknown)
7 - ??? (covered, location unknown)
8 - ??? (covered, location unknown)

Brecaryn's experiments with some semi-willing orcs revealed that she can send someone to the location of a closed mirror but they remain in a stasis until the mirror is uncovered and they come out disoriented.

fyi, i'm creating a new character to start using this session.

Brecaryn: I wasn't for or against letting the spiders live that's all Flerm. Since he's my partner I felt compelled to let him have his this victory. I don't agree with the resolution but there isn't anything to do about it now. If we control the giant spiders then we should use them...SUCH AS go after the giants for us while we're off doing a mission. If they fail this mission we kill all of them.

We need the residents of our new home to see we're proactive to their concerns. Also, we haven't really don't anything yet so why are we leaving right now?? Can't we wait until at least one of the problems in this area is resolved before we go off searching for Leento or another mirror.

I'm sorry.. what're we doing with these new characters?

and Leiralyn's probably right. our first act was to build a castle and then make an unwanted and uneasy truce with some giant man eating spiders. probably not the best confidence inspiring move on the part of gaining loyalty. but we will have to find Leento sooner rather than later since obviously whatever is happening there spilled out to here.

Also.. we don't control the spiders. we told them to stay in a certain area and stop attacking farms. i dont think we can send them to do things we want. it doesn't work like that.. we didn't enslave them.

Leiralyn has made a good point, we didn't do anything in our lands to inspire loyalty. We need to impress and make things safe before we run off. There has to be some things we can "clean up" before we leave.

With that said, I'm very concerned about Karzda and the unknown mirrors. Who is to say he doesn't have one already. I'm also worried a bout Leento. There must be problems going on.

PS. My griffin isn't functional yet, I don't think I'm ready to switch characters just yet.

@Brecaryn - some players would like to try their hand at playing new characters. Now that your group has a stable base of operations, it will be easier to, say, play character B for a session or two and then go back to character A (we assume the non-active character is taking care of homeland administration). The idea is that now that you've established a home base you'll be attracting followers and other people interested in making a new start for themselves.

But there's no need to create a new character if you don't want to. With Thydor we already have a broad mix of levels (and now he won't necessarily be the lowest level character!).

I will stay in the town to make sure the people of Gelfini are protected while the rest of you go to the Isle of Dread and find out what happened to Leento.

I can also train their townguards in some hand-to-hand and weapons combat. This way, they will eventually be able to protect themselves.

Listen friends. You all need to think bigger and grander. The new land should be a haven for all creatures. As long as they respect our rule none should be harmed. It's an opportunity to build a nation much like our crew. Made up of many different individuals/species/alignments to achieve greater deeds that can not be accomplished alone.

Think more as leaders and not as thugs. I can't believe I have to say that. Having said that I think I will roll a new character. I will leave Flerm to train and regulate the our spider army in preparation for the ensuing war with Karza.

We know war is coming and we need an army that has different creatures that can utilize their special abilities. Spiders/Trolls/Lizardmen bring them all in. Give them a place to live in the land free of discrimination and they will fight with all their might.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of Lolth shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. :)

I think my partner Flerm has secretly been seeking out counsel from the fanatical orcs. We should detroy the orcs first.

Okay.. so Snow is training the townspeople and Flerm wants to train the evil man eating spiders? how are you going to regulate if you refuse to hurt/kill them if necessary? I will go to the Isle of Dread (when we leave), but leave the warning to watch out for those phase spiders. What're we supposed to do with fanatical orcs? I'm pretty sure we're going to have to kill them before they'd willingly change their beliefs. I dont think we're charming enough to convince them otherwise..

I suppose I will make a character also, since I liked trying out the fighter character last time.