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The Town Hall Records of Altar:

Found in the ruins of Altar, the information here could help identify the Oblivion King. With his true name, he can be called away while his phylactery is destroyed.

Excerpts from an old moldy pad with many pages that are torn or rotten. Most of the readable text describes mundane meeting notes from townhall sessions: records of weddings, petty crimes, trade agreements, etc. What follows are the items that may be of interest.

" accordance with the wishes of the Elders, three virgins have been selected for the ritual of cleansing. Family members protested until they were reminded of their duty to..."

"...Elder nal-Ugubis has filed a formal complaint against... claims the ritual of cleansing was not prescribed by... as originally thought. Remaining Elders deny nal-Ugubis... Judge Baraju kul Nesa will determine...

" that the death of nal-Ugubis have angered the Gods are denied by the Elders and all of the High Priests. Curate Balingal defrocked, banished."

"...complains of a stench emanating from..."

"...commemoration of Clock Tower upon completion at harvest..."

"...stench noticeable throughout town. Checking previous minutes, it was determined that first complaints of stench were in the Qsal sector. Elders have denied inspection."

"...Elder council agrees to address the stench issue. Three virgins have been selected for the ritual of cleansing..."

" time for commemoration - flowers and ribbons. With the great improvement in air quality, festivities are expected to be held out of doors...

"...claimed that Balingal's revelation proves that the entire council had been under the influence of an enchantment. All Elders furiously deny such charges..."

"...question of Baraju kul Nesa's death so soon after his decision to revoke Curate Balingal's banishment..."

"...has returned worse than before and accompanied by a dampness of soil that rots plants and wood and... Lama Balingal led protests against... cleansing. Elder al-Tufail sent by council to remind... of the great success of... ritual before the Clock Tower... On Balingal's orders, al-Tufail is held by a crowd of supporters. Balingal performs... results in al-Tufail's death. Balingal claims... al-Tufail.... has been dead for some time.... claim is preposterous."

"...Lama Balingal's death in the temple of Bast has only increased the power..."

"...Council reduced to two members. Elder Anis seen wandering aimlessly in the Qsal sector. Did not recognize..."

" ordered by Dar as-Sabtah, townhall meetings will no longer be held until Balingal's ... can be exorcised from...Temple of Bast and Altar restored from spoilage."


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let's keep in mind we cannot say the names because if it's the Oblivion King's name, saying it will summon him.

-Elder NU was "anti ritual cleansing" which i'm assuming is "anti virgin sacrifice" so i'm putting him in the "not the OK category". if it's the opposite, though, than all my next assumptions are backwards, too

-when Elder NU got killed, curate B said it angered the gods, but the rest of the elders didn't agree. this "angered the gods" stuff might reference the start of the stench.

-i think curate B got banished for being against the elders and essentially on Elder NU's side and saying his death is the cause of the stench

-someone mentions curate B claiming the elders were enchanted. we don't know who. possibly the judge since he dies next and reversed the decision on curate B being banished?

-curate B is now Lama B and he's "anti-cleansing" which i assume means "anti-virgin sacrifice" like Elder NU.

-the elders and high council are very pro-cleansing.

-Elder AT gets killed by a crowd of protesters led by Lama B. this doesn't conclusively put either in the good or bad category, imo

-Lama B says Elder AT was already dead. not so crazy an idea as the townsfolk seemed to think since we've encountered plenty of undead.

-don't know what "power" has been increased by Lama B's death. is it the "power of the stench"? if my assumptions that the death of Elder NU is the start of the spoilage as a manifestation of the gods' anger, and Lama B was on the same side as Elder NU are correct, Lama B's death could make the gods even angrier, hence the increased power of the spoilage.

-is DAS the one running the show and the most likely person to be the OK or is he another vampire lackey?

I was under the impression that DAS was just the guy that figured out people kept dying as they kept meeting and the spoilage kept getting worse. so I kinda assumed he wasn't part of it. Unless he's the remaining Elder since the other was found confused and wandering. which could make him a good candidate since he survived.

I wonder what the original cleansing was for then, if it lead to the stench starting after Elder NU's death. But it seemed like something was happening before that and it just got worse? I dont think it was a God's disapproval thing.. since the Gods pretty much stay out of things (except for Aten's arrival apparently). I feel this is more dark magic related to the undead. Stench caused by rotting plants, wood and probably bodies and whatever else.

We need to check out where the Qsal sector is in this area since that's where all the problems happened. Maybe some clues will be found there.

I would think it'd be the lone Elder to survive somehow or Lama B since something related to him needs to be exorcised from the Temple.

Is it possible that Elder NU had filed the complaint against Curate B and that's why Curate B was defrocked? Cause that would make sense for why the Judge that banished him suddenly changes his mind, revokes it and then gets killed (if he is being controlled by OK)Also, I would think he wouldn't want things to be cleansed being so closely intertwined with undead things and all.