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Recap 51 Supplemental: Closing the Chapter on Liches and Vampires

December 1, 2012

Finish One Job Only to Get Saddled With Another

Having banished the devil, rescued Thydor, killed the vampire Lablab, and reunited the ghosts of Michael Vasquez and Maria Vargas, the group was now free to leave the Tomb of Vasquez.

Taking out the crystal ball, Brecaryn re-establishes contact with whoever is on the other end, fully prepared to pretend to be one of Lablab's minions.

Voice in crystal ball: Andrea! Good! The situation's changed. We're sending people to you. Look outside the cave. You don't have to hide anymore.

Walking out of the cave, they see humans, elves, and orcs overwhelming the undead army. Without Lablab to control them, the undead no longer fight in a coordinated manner and are easily routed. It must have been one of Halia's people Brecaryn was talking to through the crystal ball.

On the way back to South Luka, a griffon falls out of the sky landing dead near them. Alana walks over to pay her respects before stripping the griffon of its barding. What? It's not like the griffon's going to need it anymore.

Calling a council meeting, Phantar declares the Motley Crew to be Heroes of the Land (again) and gives them a place at the council table. They will also be the guests of honor at Harvestfall next month. Additionally, each member of the Crew is to be awarded 10,000 gold pieces.

In a separate, secret meeting with Halia and Retameron, the group is told they will be elevated to the rank of general in Phantar's army. Halia requests that the group keep secret the fact that Phantar had been missing for months. It could cause trouble with Lord Miles if he found out Halia and Retamaron had been running things for so long.

The main reason for the secret meeting, though, is to ask the Crew to undertake another mission for the kingdom.

Halia: We have information that you have been contacted by the northern kingdom. We would like you to accept the invitation. We have no knowledge of that area and any information you can gather would be helpful.

While the others in the group are confused by Halia's mention of an invitation, Snow and Malouf know this involves Baron Karzda, and possibly Malouf's lost brother Malain, so they agreed. This business with Karzda had been put off for too long already.

Old Home Week

During the next two months, the Motley Crew spends their time training with Goxx Jarrick, tying up some loose ends, and recuperating before setting off for the north. In the meantime, some old acquaintances pop up.

  • Brecaryn runs into Lotho Bloodsky, the mage who had offered to study Vain the first time they were in South Luka. He invites her to join in the nightly golem battles held at the Skunked Skunk, as interested in Vain as before.

  • Malouf is prevailed upon to speak with his barbarian brethren and encourage them to leave the area as their presence has been disruptive and destructive to the land.

    Malouf: Come, my brothers and sisters! Come drink with me!

    City Official: Oh dear.

    Malouf's friend Lester Glenn explains that the barbarians wish to stay with the Broken Bone orcs, enjoying their freedom away from the matriarchs. Malouf is able to encourage the barbarians to restore the land and return home in two weeks time. But in the meantime...

    Malouf: Bring kegs! Barkeep!
  • Flerm spots his "good friend" Sergeant Muldoon. Feeling generous, Flerm "allows" the sergeant to buy everyone in the bar a drink to make up for their first meeting. He also gleefully shows Muldoon his new rank of general.
  • Alana buys some tomato seeds from Old Bart and then badgers him into taking them to the inn she bought in Yokel.


Traveling back to Yokel, the group finds Wunderbar to get Flerm's boots repaired. While there, they bring up their encounters with Wunderbar's many traps. He explains he used to be part of Cervantes' crew, rebelling against the northern kingdoms. When Cervantes found the sword Soul Caliber, though, the powerful, demonic force of the sword corrupted him.

To stop Cervantes, Wunderbar stole the sword, replacing it with a replica. Michael Vasquez broke the sword into pieces and hid them.

Brecaryn warns the gnome that others are looking for the sword, and as Wunderbar was so fond of signing his traps, they might come looking for him in their quest to retrieve all the pieces.

Before they depart, they also let him know that the ghosts of Michael and Maria were finally reunited. Wunderbar is so touched by this story that he gives the group a gem that, when attached to any weapon, gives that weapon the ability to cut through armor. Flerm has it mounted on one of his swords.

Now Snow is the Master

Snow receives a message from her master requiring her to go to Betaya. In order to keep her current title of Master of the East Wind, she will have to defeat two opponents at once. The two she fights have been working as a team for years and have perfected their coordinated attacks. However, neither are prepared for Snow's speed and power and are quickly defeated, thus Snow officially earns her title.

As this is the highest level of anyone in Chumera, Snow's master advises her to settle down and open a school.

To the Hessiac Mountains and Beyond!

At the end of the two months, the Crew is finally ready to start on their journey north. On the way, Lieralyn and Alana almost get eaten by a horrible lizard-like creature living in the muck of the Waste.

Charmed by the creature, instead of seeing its true form, Lieralyn and Alana both see a cute animal in distress.

Lieralyn: I need a rope! Quick!

Flerm excitedly rushes forth, finally getting a chance to use his reptile killing sword, and attacks the monster. Lieralyn is horrified. Snow finishes it off with an explosive flying kick, neatly avoiding any of the flying muck. They move on.

Encountering Alana's people in the woods on the way to the Hessiac Mountains, the group is warned that the northern kingdoms are not friendly towards non-humans. Considering most of the group is made up of non-humans, that could be quite a sticking point. Good thing the Motley Crew has never been adverse to a little conflict.

At the top of the Hessiac Mountains, the party has a little skirmish with a few giants and ogres that doesn't last very long. They explain to the remaining ogre that it would be in his people's best interest if they don't bother the Crew again.

Moving on to the gnome village, the party is greeted by a gnome named Nutmeg. Flerm explains that Wunderbar directed him here to find Wayfoodle. Flerm has a dog collar he'd like Wayfoodle to modify so that he can wear it himself (seeing as Turtle is too weak and sickly to go into battle anyway).

More gnomes, including Wayfoodle, come bearing tobacco and jugs of wine. As they make merry, the group learns from the gnomes that a hermit named Sharpie lives nearby who just happens to also be an expert swordsman. Before leaving the area, the party will stop by Sharpie's cottage to let him know Flerm and Lieralyn would like some training if he is willing.

As far as the northern kingdoms go, it is a place the gnomes avoid. Snow inquires if non-humans live among the humans in the northern kingdoms. After sharing a look, the gnomes answer in the negative.

When the group explains they are traveling to the north on a diplomatic mission, the gnomes express some amusement. They believe it is highly unlikely that the northern kingdoms would be interested in opening any kind of diplomatic relations with the "barbarians of the south".

Hey! Listen!

After a couple of hours of carousing, the Crew says goodbye to the gnomes and proceeds north. When they are once again alone, Snow takes out an ornate, glowing, glass bottle from her pouch. A small fairy light flies out of it. It dances in front of Snow a little before floating away.

Snow: That's the way we have to go.

Snow starts following the dancing ball of light. The rest of the group bombard her with questions. She explains that she and Malouf first encountered Baron Karzda with their previous group when they fought Skarda inside the Mirror of Thought. Karzda was one of Skarda's lieutenants who had escaped.

Shortly after the Crew had defeated the Red Bull and installed the unicorn in the Malta Woods, Snow received a letter from Skarda inviting them to his kingdom. Although Snow distrusts Karzda, he fought with some honor during their previous encounter. So they would follow the fairy light and meet Baron Karzda and decide how to proceed from there.

Great, Green Globs of Greasy, Grimy Harpy Guts!
During their travels, they encounter many obstacles.

Hearing squawking, they look up and see old, naked, winged women in the trees. Goddamned harpies. The harpies immediately charm Brecaryn and Malouf with their song.

Brecaryn traps Alana, Malouf, and Lieralyn in a hold spell. Seeing this, Snow quickly knocks her unconscious before she can cast any other spells. Now, how to find out who else was charmed?

Snow: Who loves the harpies?

Flerm: I hate harpies!


Flerm and Snow run up to attack the harpies. Josy casts a spell that materializes spinning blades. The harpies end up in teeny tiny pieces.

Continuing onward, Snow talks to some skunks and everybody avoids the owlbears nearby.

Dead Granilla!

Three days later, as they continue following the fairy light, they hear heavy footsteps bounding towards them. The sun is blotted out by the sudden appearance of storm clouds. Up ahead, a giant gorilla is running at them. Lightning flashes down, striking the gorilla, causing its hands to glow.

The group takes stock of this new threat and acts quickly to put it down. One severed foot later, the gorilla appears dead, the unnatural storm continuing to rage above the body.

Two men run up, panicked. The Crew doesn't attack, but Snow warns them to be on their guard.

Nightshade overhears them decide to kill the party in order to conceal their actions. They fail spectacularly. The older man dies. Brecaryn holds the younger man with a spell while Snow questions him.

He lies until Brecaryn charms him. His name is Orzko. He and his master Terribus Shadowheart were performing experiments to create a monster that can regenerate when hit by lightning. Terribus had been kicked out of the kingdom of Rowan Dee because performing magick was considered illegal, which is why they were here in this remote area.

They had brought this gorilla from the Isle of Dread and by all appearances, succeeded in their experiments. Malouf observes that with each lightning strike, the gorilla seems to be knitting its flesh back together. Josy blows the storm away to prevent the gorilla from coming back to life.

Knowing they can't trust the mage, Flerm wants to kill him. Not everyone in the party is willing to kill in cold blood. They ultimately decide to knock him out and leave him in the field to live or die as fate willed.

What is this "Road" You Speak of?

A week later, they come across a very curious thing. It's a paved path right in the middle of nowhere. Never in their travels have they ever encountered such a thing as a road before.

Knowing this means they are getting closer to a city, they cover the mirror and tie it to She-Tan. Brecaryn has Josy remove the curse from her glowing ring so as not to draw additional attention to herself.

Stopped by guards on the road, they are escorted to Baron Karzda in Gaelwyn, the capital city of the kingdom of Dorn.

As they traverse the city, they see a few non-humans who have taken pains to appear more human. One elf has covered his ears and wears padded, human-sized clothing. Needless to say, the group is quite the spectacle.

When they finally meet Baron Karzda, he explains why he invited them here. There is an area of land that borders each of the Five Kingdoms. No one can agree on who owns this territory. In order to maintain their fragile peace, none of the kingdoms enter the disputed territory. As a result, it has become the home of many criminals and monsters, including a dragon.

The Five Kingdoms have agreed to give the land to the Motley Crew if they will agree to clean the area of all the monsters and act as stewards of this land. Each of the kingdoms will also contribute to the building of a fortress from which the Crew will rule.

As they don't quite trust Karzda, the group wants time to think on this proposal, but considering the unholy glee Flerm expresses at the mere mention of land to rule over, it's unlikely they won't take on the challenge.

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Tags: Alana, Baron Karzda, Brecaryn, Flerm, Halia, Josy, Lester Glenn, Lieralyn, Lotho Bloodsky, Malouf, Nightshade, Old Bart, Orzko, Phantar, Retameron, Snow, Wunderbar

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