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Recap 57 Supplemental: Search for the Lizard God Egg, Part II

March 29, 2014

Meet Your New New Friend

Still in the lizard cave in search of a lizard god egg, the Motley Crew has just survived a skirmish with a few rust monsters. It only cost them two suits of armor and the magic bands on Josy's boomerang.

Before they can fully take stock of their situation, the entire room starts rumbling. The terracotta ceiling tiles fall to the ground as tree roots burst through. A gorilla falls from the opening engaged in a fight with what can best be described as four balls of ink with feet and teeth-filled mouths. Malouf and Lieralyn engage the ink monsters, killing all four.

While Malouf bandages the gorilla, Adarra asks him to explain what is happening.

Gorilla: Dirty man sent. Need help. Coming soon.

And sure enough, a minute later, Leento pops through the hole in the ceiling.

Leento: (looking around, frowning) Where are you guys? I had so much trouble finding you. No time to talk. I need to borrow Flerm, so I brought you this half elf I found on a boat to take his place. Her name's Elena. She's some kind of missionary or something. (tilts head as he looks at the half elf) Hrm...she does seem a bit fragile...and I really don't know anything about her. *nods* I'm sure she'll work out just fine.

Alana: How come only Flerm gets to go? Maybe I want to go, too!

Leento: I only need the drow.

Alana: What do you mean you only need the drow? You can't tell me what to do! I'm coming with you.

Leento: *sigh* Fine. C'mon. I don't have a lot of time to waste here.

Leento disappears back into the hole in the ceiling, taking Flerm, Alana, and the gorilla with him. The group introduces themselves to Elena and quickly bring her up to speed on why they're in a lizard cavern and why rust monsters are the worst things ever created.

As they continue deeper into the cave, the Crew encounters more shambling mounds, twigs, and corrupted badgers in addition to corrupted swamp jaguars. These are all taken care of with only a couple of broken bow strings and self-inflicted injuries.

Wherein Malouf Puts on Some Weight

During a moment of calm, Kurtis notices that a spot on one of the walls is bulging out. Now on the alert for them, Malouf sees another bulge elsewhere. Digging through the packed dirt, Malouf discovers these bulges open into hidden natural passageways, the walls bare of the terracotta seen elsewhere in the lizard caves. Noting some humanoid footprints on the ground, he follows them to a hole in the ground recently covered by straw and wood.

Checking for traps in his own way, Malouf tosses a swamp jaguar corpse into the hole. Once the all clear is given, the party makes their way down. Exploring this new level, they see more natural caverns. Hearing what might be more rust monsters, the group effects an escape. Finding another bulge in the wall, Malouf digs through to a new area, a narrow corridor filled knee-height with water. Poor Josy is submerged up to her shoulders.

Investigating the passages branching off from this area, they come to a room with no floor. Cages hang from chains embeddedin the ceiling. With her owl Nightshade's sharp eyes, Brecaryn notices a key sitting atop a ledge in the farthest corner. With rope secured around his waist as a precaution, Malouf retrieves the key. When he picks it up, he feels a jolt go through his magick axe, its usual glow dimmed to nothing.

Hopping his way back to the others, Malouf feels heavier the farther away he gets from the ledge. The extra weight causes him to miss the last jump. Lieralyn quickly braces herself to hold Malouf's weight, but she instantly cries out to the others for help. Malouf seems to weigh as much as a man bearing three suits of armor.

When Malouf is safely pulled up, he hands the key to Brecaryn. It falls directly to the ground. Brecaryn can feel it repelling magick, the weight too much for her to carry. Josy attempts to dispel any magick on the key to no affect. Lieralyn, the strongest member of the group, is only able to drag the key a few more feet before even she is forced to give up.

Third Times the Charm

Leaving the key on the floor, they open the remaining doors in the area. One room houses a large drain. Opening the door allows the water to flow more quickly into the drain, thus lowering the water level in the main hallway enough for even Josy to slosh through without drowning. As the group approaches the last door, they feel a pulse of electricity flow through the water. A minute later they feel another.

Malouf opens the door. A wave of water rushes through knocking Kurtis and Brecaryn over. "Luckily", Brecaryn is stopped when she smashes into Vain. Adarra manages to grab Kurtis before he gets too far down the hall.

Adarra: (eyeing the elf critically) You should eat more.

Inside the room is a giant shambling mound, at least twice the size it should be. The electricity pulsing through the water is causing it to grow beyond its normal size. Brecaryn casts a reduction spell, shrinking the creature to a more reasonable height, allowing Lieralyn to smash it to pieces.

Josy casts a spell to reduce the water level further, draining the room entirely. Brecaryn and Adarra are suddenly overcome with a strange feeling. Brecaryn shakes it off and immediately begins digging in the ground. Adarra looks around bewildered. Where are they? Weren't they just dealing with the missing merchant crisis in Gelfini a moment ago?

In the two pits, Brecaryn uncovers what appear to be mini shambling mounds. Their faces scrunch up angrily as they swing their arms at Brecaryn. She recognizes them - obliviaxes. She manages to kill one but before she can get to the other, a thick fog encompasses the room, obscuring the ground.

The remaining obliviax escapes in the fog, but the group tracks it down, along with two other obliviaxes. Eating the obliviaxes, Adarra is first poisoned, then gets the memories of being a two-headed, giant troll (how do my heads look?), and then finally gets her own memories back on the third try.

Actual size

Pegs in Holes, Revisited

Runes written in the lizard language cover a wall. The similarity to the Dragonkin language allows Brecaryn to decipher them.

God accepts tribute of electrum and fire

Keeping this in mind, they press on. The Crew encounters more shambling mounds and obliviaxes in flooded rooms before finding two red lizard statues. In one room, the statue's pedestal is littered with electrum coins. Knocking the coins off the pedestal stops the electrical pulses coming out of it. In the second room, the statue is surrounded by fire. Josy puts it out with a cloudburst and the electrical pulses cease entirely. Hopefully, that will put an end to anymore giant shambling mounds.

Slicing their way through a few more badgers and swamp jaguars, the group stops before a glowing green door. On the door is a keyhole, a keyhole that looks very much the right size for a certain key that's too heavy to move. Unfortunately, the keyhole and the key are nowhere near each other.

So, what else is there to do but have Brecaryn enlarge Lieralyn, thereby increasing Lieralyn's strength. As soon as Lieralyn grasps the key, she can feel the magick of the spell being drained. She runs towards the door and just manages to shove the key into the door and turn it before she is shrunk back to her original size.

The door swings open to reveal a short hallway with a second door at the end. Engraved on the door is the following message:

Adnoartina (translates to the Green Lady of Cold) does not hear voices that speak in the pitch of children.

This second door swings open. The group feels a blast of cold air before being pulled into the room. The door slams shut and ices over.

In the center of the room is a green statue of a lizard woman. Scattered around the room are three posts: one triagular, one square, and one round. On the floor are three holes with corresponding shapes.

Lieralyn: We don't do well...

Before Lieralyn can finish her sentence, the statue rotates to face her, shooting a blast of cold that encases Lieralyn in ice.

From then on, hand gestures are used and the poles are inserted into the holes. The pedastal pivots, revealing a set of stairs and Lieralyn is unfrozen.

These Guys

The Crew makes their way down the stairs. Looking around, they see yet another bulge in the wall. Malouf and Brecaryn investigate and find the skeletal remains of an elf. Brecaryn pockets the dead elf's coins. After all, it's not like they're going to be needing them.

Soon, the party engages a group of two-headed trolls and their pet boars and rust monsters. Fighting these trolls, they notice they regenerate a lot faster than other trolls the group has encountered before.

Lieralyn manages to slice one of the trolls in half. His companions chortle at the sight.

Troll: Ha ha ha! You make two Bills!


Troll: Bill? Bill? You kill Bill! How you do it?

Ha ha, yourself. Lieralyn's got an anti-regeneration sword! Her reply is to attack. Even without armor, Lieralyn devastates the trolls.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party take on the rust monsters and boars, intermittently attacking the trolls to keep them from regenerating until Lieralyn can get to them. Unfortunately, just as he kills the last rust monster, Malouf's gold axe disintegrates.

When the last troll realizes he's the only one left alive, he reassesses his priorities and decides to run away. The group gives chase, catching up just as he joins more trolls.

Troll: See? They come. They don't stop. Run! Run!

Before the Crew can reach them, the trolls shut themselves in a room. Protruding from the door is a long rod that travels the length of the hallway to another shut door. Turning the rod, the trolls are able to lock the Crew out.

Unfortunately for the trolls, the party finds another natural passageway that happens to lead right into the room. In addition to the troll they were chasing, the room also contains rust monsters and three more trolls, one of which appears to be a shaman.

The trolls effectively enact a delaying tactic by throwing the rust monsters into the group. Grabbing her dagger, Adarra tosses it to the farthest corner of the room. A nearby troll, thinking Adarra meant to hit him, sneers condescendingly at her. Adarra smiles and waves.

The ruse works as one of the rust monsters breaks away to get the dagger. Unfortunately, it's not enough of a distraction and the other rust monsters converge on the party. Adarra's war hammer is consumed before Brecaryn's lightning attack finishes them.

Malouf breaks away to attack the shaman. As he lays his hands on the troll shaman, Malouf is hit with a wave of repulsion. Through sheer strength of will, he overcomes the magickal repellent and attacks the shaman. Adarra hits him with orange fairy fire. Thinking he is on fire, the shaman panics.

Troll Shaman: This not supposed to happen! Stop it!

The Crew finishes off all the enemies bar one troll. Seeing the fight is lost, he drops his weapon and surrenders. Adarra runs up and starts kicking him in rage.

Adarra: That was my mother's war hammer!

The troll looks on, bewildered, while the rest of the group try to calm the druid down.

Still eggless despite all of the things they've killed, perhaps they will have better luck after questioning this troll.

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Tags: Adarra, Alana, Brecaryn, Elena, Flerm, Josy, Kurtis, Leento, Lieralyn, Malouf, Nightshade, Vain

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