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Recap 70 Supplemental: Ice Tooth Mountain: The Drake Anhangare Tribe

September 26, 2015

New Crew, Meet the Old Crew

After routing Crulicar and freeing the Trogo goblins from her control, the Motley Crew (freshman class) return to Gelfini. Upon their return, they learn of some unrest brewing in the town. A few days ago, a man named Heriberto Florentino arrived claiming that the Disputed Territory belonged to his family and that they had been illegally driven off two generations ago by the Orgoth. Since then, Florentino has been holding court at a local tavern, spending money freely and winning over some townspeople to his side.

Sir Gyles leaves them to report to the senior Motley Crew members. Curious, the remainder of the group goes to check out this Signor Florentino. At the tavern, they see Malouf trying to muscle his way past Florentino's henchman, loudly exclaiming he'd like to have a drink with the man. Lieralyn is with the barbarian, paying his bar tab.

Failing to get an audience with Florentino - his henchman claims the man is asleep though it is the middle of the day - Lieralyn asks if Florentino is married. When the henchman answers in the negative, Lieralyn smiles and hustles Malouf out of the tavern.

Lieralyn: (whispers confidently to Malouf) No wife. I'll take care of this.

With nothing else to see, the rest of the group retire to their rooms. The next morning, they are finally introduced to the original Motley Crew members.

Upon spotting the gnomes Jandove and Delphine, Alana squeals and immediately starts asking them if they've brought any good weapons or armor. The Harper of the North steps forth and introduces himself. Much to everyone's surprise, he informs them that his name is actually "Roland Green" and that Oliver Green, the Motley Crew's fallen comrade, was his brother. He has come to Gelfini in the hopes of learning where his brother's remains are.

With many expresions of regret and sympathy, Snow explains that they have left Oliver's body in the care of the druid Leento in the hopes that they might one day find a way to revive Oliver.

As the others introduce themselves to the Crew, a scout enters and whispers frantically to Vashti. A giant is sitting just outside the town's walls and is making chicken noises. Hearing this, Aoki starts to laugh.

Sir Gyles explains that when they allied with a giant to get into the Trogo goblin camp, they used a cock's crow to signal the start of the attack. Apparently, Thunderboys the giant thinks that is always the signal. The new Crew heads out to see why their friend has come.

Journey to Ice Tooth Mountain

While the guards hold the townspeople back, Sir Gyles and the rest exit the town to greet Thunderboys. The giant looks as if he has used the last of his strength to get to Gelfini. His legs are charred in some spots, red in others. It is a wonder he was able to use them at all. Happy to see them, he relates all that happened since they parted company.

Thunderboys: After our fun with the goblins, I returned home to Ice Tooth Mountain. One afternoon, ice comes pouring down the mountain. Brother Thunderboys went to investigate. When he came back, he brought this lock. (hands ornate shattered lock to Sir Gyles)

The ice covered our village. All of the Thunderboys are dead now except me. Do you know how I survived? (looks significantly at The Harper) With this! (brandishes used torch) I used it to melt the ice off of my legs!

After situating Thunderboys in an empty stable so that he can rest and heal, the group takes the lock to Brecaryn and the others. With her knowledge of heraldry, Brecaryn recognizes the crest - a hammer and anvil encircled by a serpentine dragon - stamped on the lock. This is the crest of Drake Anhangare, an old gnome tribe. It is said that the tribe left to live with dragons in order to work with the metals available only in their mountains. Scandalous rumor has it the gnomes mated with the dragons. At one time, the Drake Anhangare traded with other gnome tribes, but it has been many generations since anyone has heard from them.

It's clear from the shattered lock that something ancient was disturbed and is likely the reason for the unnatural cold sweeping down the mountain. Alana, Flerm, and the rest of the veterans feel that investigating this would be a good way for the new recruits to prove themselves. Delphine and Jandove have no objections as they are very interested to find out more about the Drake Anhangare gnomes.

As the new Crew is leaving town the next morning, they see the Florentino's burly minion waiting for them.

Trufino: Signor Florentino has been so gracious as to send me to aid you on your journey. And since I'm the best swordsman here, I'll go in the front.

Jandove: Signor who?

With a shrug, the group continues with their unwanted companion. But how did Florentino find out about this mission? They had told no one outside the castle. There must be a spy in the Motley Crew's household. Unfortunately, they'll have to wait until after this mission to warn Snow and the others.

On the first day of their three day journey, as Trufino makes himself unpleasant company with boasts of his superior abilities, they hear a rustling in the trees sometime near sundown. A majestic, white elk comes dashing out, nods knowingly to Sir Gyles, and runs back into the woods.

Everyone turns to stare at Sir Gyles as the paladin continues walking as if nothing happened.

The Harper: Um...Sir Gyles? What's with the elk?

Sir Gyles: What? Oh, that? Followers of Osirus are very in tune with nature.

Shortly after, they rescue some peasants from a shambling mound disguised by the snow.

Lesson #1: Do Not use electricity on a shambling mound.

On the second day, the wind suddenly dies down, and the group finds themselves surrounded by walls of snow and wolves. A wizened old man appears at the top of a snow bank in front of them.

Old Man: This storm is unnatural! You will stop it!

After a short skirmish, they are able to convince the old man they are not causing the storm but are actually trying to locate the cause and stop it. Satisfied, the hermit disappears into the snow. Sir Gyles and Kurtis note that the old man's spells were all very similar to Adarra's. But how can that be? Adarra and Leento are the only druids alive in this world - yet another tidbit of information to bring back to Gelfini.

On the third day, they finally reach the foothills of Ice Tooth Mountain. The temperature continues to drop as they climb higher up the trail as the snow falls more heavily. It is becoming impossible for the humans in the group to walk in the piling snow, let alone the smaller members of their party. To make matters worse, a blink lynx materializes and attacks them.

Aoki gets bitten before The Harper can paralyze the large teleporting cat with his dagger. Just before she collapses, two goblins ride down the trail on wargs.

Shortcut to the Top of the Mountain

Still tired from fighting the lynx, the party steels itself for an attack from the goblins. But:

Goblins: Friends who freed from Crulicar! Come. We take you to shelter.

Once inside their cave, the goblins pass a wine skin filled with some kind of warming drink. It works so well on The Harper, he feels slightly less susceptible to the cold. Trufino is visibly unhappy to be associating with goblins. The rest of the group ignore him while they ask the goblins if Crulicar has tried to return and if there are any belongings she's left behind. The goblins haven't seen the witch, but she did leave a few things. Looking through the mess of rags and foul potions, they discover a map with an X marking an area in Rowan Dee.

Rested and warmed, the goblins take the Crew further up the mountain using a series of tunnels and passages. Near the top, the goblins lead them to an exit, whispering furtively, "Giants don't know about tunnel", before leaving. The tunnel opens into a stable in the giants' settlement. No wonder the goblins were whispering.

Hearing no sounds of activity, the group exits the stables cautiously. It soon becomes evident why things are so quiet. The giants have all been frozen. Near one of the frozen giants, two translucent ice para-elementals appear and attack. Sir Gyles rallies the Crew to battle with an war cry.

Sir Gyles: Uh, beware the cold!

Feeling inspired, Jandove and Kurtis injure themselves while Sir Gyles' horse Doggie gets in Trufino's way. Fortunately, the others do a little better. The Harper's hammer and the blunt side of Sir Gyles' sword easily shatter the ice para-elementals with the help of one of Delphine's potions.

Looking up, the party can see more ice para-elementals flying above. They quickly and quietly leave the area.

Whatever You Do, Don't Defrost the Trolls!

Shortly afterwards, they come to a large, ornate door set in the side of the mountain. The door has been flung wide open. This could be where the lock came from. Just inside the entrance are a giant and some other creatures encased in ice. A fountain is next to the far wall, its contents similarly frozen, the seal of Drake Anhangare adorning the top.

A light snow covers the ground. Two or three pairs of humanoid footprints are visible. Following the prints to the east, the cavern branches off to another chamber further east and a corridor leading south. Three gnomes covered in frost exit from the southern corridor, their eyes rolled back in their heads. One of the gnomes attacks with a flame spell. Wileu counters by firing an arrow at... The Harper? Doggie sticks his butt in Trufino's face.

Despite being their own worst enemies, the group defeats the the gnomes. They continues south, passing more frozen monsters, some of them trolls. Before they get too far, they encounter more defrosted gnomes, this time accompanied by reptilian men with dragon-shaped heads. Sir Gyles slices through the first gnome, shouting encouragement to the group.

Sir Gyles: Just like that, everyone! Battle leader!

Clearing the corridor, they come upon a closed door to the east. Frustrated shouting can be heard on the other side. Aoki locates the lever that operates the door. It slides open to reveal more defrosted, but silent, gnomes. The Crew kills them and keeps moving towards the shouting.

The corridor opens up to a large room, the south side sloping upwards in an icy ramp leading to a ledge with a large set of double doors. A man who appears to be some kind of knight is the source of the shouting. He is cursing at some dragon men who appear to be chipping ice away from a door set in the ground. Two female warriors look on, one of them smirking at the man's frustration.

Sir Gyles charges in riding Doggie and heads up the ramp towards the knight. Skidding on the ice, Doggie slides past their target. Sir Gyles launches himself off Doggie at the armored fighter, but loses his sword mid-swing. Weaponless, the paladin sweeps his shield around, knocking the knight off the ledge and into the snow.

Trufino knocks one of the women out.

Trufino: In the name of Signor Florentino, lay down your weapons, and you will be treated fairly.

The Harper glares at Trufino with disdain before turning to cast Hold Person on the other female fighter.

Standing up and dusting himself off, the knight glances around the room, his eyes stopping on Sir Gyles.

In Which We're All Reminded Why High School Sucked

Sir Carian Cadwalder: Don't I know you? Ye-es! You studied at Nyngard Academy, in Beora. Strange one, yes? Part of that sect that worshipped that southern God. Osiris, was it?

Sir Gyles: What is all this about? What do you think you are you doing?

Sir Carian Cadwalder: I'll tell you what I'm about. Deep inside this cavern, down those stairs below, is said to be the Snabbhet Skiva, a legendary sword created by gnomes and forged in dragon blood. I want that sword.

This was supposed to be easy. I have the Krona Lamna (pointing to the crown on his head), which should make these lizard things obey me. We found them in cold storage here and defrosted a few. But when we unsealed the stairway, a blast of cold air flew out, and the stairway keeps freezing up faster than we can chip away at it. They should breath fire on the ice to melt it away, but instead they just chip at it. Incompetents!

Say, my companions have been promised all of the gnomish treasure that they can carry out, but I'm sure they would share some with you if you'll help us.

Sir Gyles: You will stop this at once. Your actions are causing untold damage to the land.

Sir Carian: *rolls eyes* Gods, you always were a stiff one, weren't you? *whistles*

The door at the top of the ledge bursts open. A dragon-like lizard appears, burbling and whiffling as it walks through the doorway before sweeping Sir Carian up onto its back.

Trufino rushes forward to attack the jabberwocky. The creature easily grabs Trufino as it flies off the ground.

Sir Carian: I don't know why you came after me, Sir Gyles, but you have made an enemy of me this day. Idalyz, Zhao Qingling - make sure they don't follow me.

Sir Carian throws the crown on the ground as the jabberwocky drops Trufino and flies away. Idalyz and Jow Qingling pause for a few seconds before following.

Grabbing the Krona Lamna, Sir Gyles tosses it to The Harper and tells him to put it on. Looking unsure for a moment, The Harper reluctantly places the crown on his head. He immediately feels a mental web connecting his mind to those of the dragon men - dragonkin. The Harper orders them to cover the hole. As soon as they do, the temperature begins to rise.

While this is happening, Aoki inspects an ornate locked door on the side of the room. The locking mechanism looks complex and would take a bit of time to unlock. Unfortunately, before she can even extract her tools, Kurtis shouts that the trolls have thawed and are coming towards them. The Crew quickly exits using the door Sir Carian and his people went through. They find a narrow winding path twisting around the side of Ice Tooth Mountain.

Following the path, they travel north, ending approximately above the spot where they first entered the cave. At the end of the path sit a forge and a well. Laying on the ground around the forge are metal objects, some identifiable like a silver bowstring and a silver case containing a history book of the Drake Anhangare gnomes. Glancing at it briefly, Delphine learns that the so-called dragons the gnomes lived with were actually dragonkin and interbreeding absolutely did not take place.

While the rest of the group sifts through the gnome treasures, Aoki climbs down the well. At the bottom are broken weapons and armor, nothing of value. Stealthily moving down the corridor, she finds herself back at the entrance of the cave. The giant and other frozen creatures are gone. Sounds of battle echo from further in the cave.

Seeing the fountain is once again flowing, Aoki makes her way cautiously across the chamber. She takes a sip of the water and instantly feels a little haler. She quickly fills her waterskin before returning to her companions who have followed her down the well. Worried their loud armor will alert the defrosted monsters to their presence, she hustles them quickly out the door and down the mountain. On the way down, Aoki offers her waterskin to Jandove. Unlike Aoki's experience, to the gnome, the water is simply refreshing.

The return trip to Gelfini is mostly uneventful. However, Trufino comes down with a mysterious case of gout, scabs, and ulcers. If anyone notices The Harper looking unusually content, they choose not to comment on it.

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I've missed a few D&D recaps, sorry, when were the next generation of the Motley Crew formed?

recap 68 is when they're first introduced. although, Sir Gyles first appears in 65 and Kurtis has been in and out since 56. if you click on their names in the Tags, you'll get a list of recaps in which they appear.

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