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Recap 77 Supplemental: Living In The Past

December 15, 2016

(Negotiated) Escape From The Island of Krakoa

The Motley Too have been stranded in the past. With barely a moment to recover from their last battle and reflect on their situation, a blue rectangle appears in front of them, and an Atlantean warrior steps out. He reaches for Delphine. Kurtis quickly notches an arrow and fires at the Atlantean's transparent faceplate.

Yakima: It's true that you discovered this weakness in our armor the last time we fought. But we've spent the last six months developing a solution to that problem.

Stunned by the implications of enemies that can travel in time, the Motley Too is unable to stop Yakima from grabbing Delphine and disappearing through the portal.

Exhausted and with no way to follow, the rest of the Motley Too make camp for the night in one of the towers on the island of Krakoa.

In the morning, the group sees a boat approach the island. A group of soldiers spill out and begin setting up a perimeter around the beach. The Harper of the North peers over the tower wall and then volunteers to go down and speak to the soldiers. Sir Gyles accompanies him after putting a cloak over his Rowan Dee armor.

The soldiers' leader approaches The Harper and Sir Gyles when they exit the tower and demands to know to whom they owe allegiance. Sir Gyles says that they are just adventurers trying to make a name for themselves, but the leader scoffs at that idea.

Zeynep: No one enters the Disputed Territory without a sponsorship from one of the Five Kingdoms.

The Harper steps forward, and Zeynep's demeanor softens. The Harper asks to speak with her privately. After a few moments of quiet conversation, Zeynep announces to her troops that the group will be permitted to exit the tower and will be given passage off the island. She orders several of the soldiers away from the tower entrance, leaving only a more priestly contingent within sight distance. Still, when the motley assemblage of demi-humans and golems emerge from the tower, the clerics gasp. Nonetheless, they are led to the boat, and a cleric steers the boat to shore.

As the group walks away from shore, Wileu begins to shudder. In the distance, the group hears a rumble from the island of Krakoa. A wispy form floats out of Wileu and across the water. It seems that when Wileu was saved from death by the spirit of Krakoa after their fight with the Atlanteans, the spirit of Krakoa was imbued in her. But now that they are leaving the island, the spirit returns to its home. The brief period that it was away caused some dissonance on the island, and the Motley Too surmises that the rumbling caused the towers to fall into the ruins that they saw in their present. The group hopes that Zeynep's soldiers won't think the collapsing of the towers was an attack.

The Motley Too have to get to the southern territory that will eventually become known as Chumera so that they can find the wizard Chumley, who should have the ability to send them back to their own time period. Sir Gyles, having studied the history of the Five Kingdoms while at university in Nyngard, warns the group that the Disputed Territory at this time was a war zone, and all of the Kingdoms are on high alert. Definitely not a good time period for a group of demi-humans and magic-users to go marching through. Luckily, Jandove knows a path through the mountains that will get them out of the territory without having to go through any of the Kingdoms. They head in that direction. Unfortunately, they get wrapped up in a conflict between two contingents of soldiers, one from Orgoth and one from Rowan Dee. After some confusion where each side briefly thinks that the Motley Too are aligned with the other, the Motley Too manage to stop all the soldiers and prevent any from escaping to warn their brethren.

Be Reasonable

The Motley Too continue along Jandove's path, but find that an Orgoth camp has been inconveniently placed right where the path exits up into the mountains. Jandove says that the path is hidden, so the Orgoths are probably not aware of it. But the Too will still have to get through the camp somehow.

The Harper says a prayer to his goddess and blesses Sir Gyles with an enchantment that will make everything he says sound reasonable. Sir Gyles then approaches the camp alone and speaks to the guard captain.

Sir Gyles: Never mind that you haven't heard of me and that I'm wearing Rowan Dee armor. I'm from a contingent of Orgoth soldiers. We were overrun by Rowan Dee soldiers and we need reinforcements.
Captain: Sounds... reasonable. I'll send six troops.
Sir Gyles: Uh, no! That's not enough. You'll need more. The enemy, uh, has magic users!
Captain: Rowan Dee using magic?! After decades of one of the most oppressive purges of magic users in history? That sounds... reasonable. How many units do they have in total?
Sir Gyles: Uh, about 40.
Captain: [Looks back in horror at his camp, which doesn't include 40 people even including support staff.] Ok, change of plans. I'm recalling all troops. We'll hole up here. You have my word that no one will get through, sir.

Sir Gyles walks away, returning to confer with the rest of the Motley Too about the... complications. After a bit of discussion and a renewal of The Harper's spell, Sir Gyles returns to the guard.

Sir Gyles: Change of plans. I have orders from the king. We're abandoning the camp and moving all troops to another camp in the north.
Captain: Uh.... [shrugs] Seems reasonable.
Sir Gyles: You go ahead right and take all the troops right now. I'll stay behind and supervise the support staff while they break down the supplies.
Captain: Seems... reasonable... sir.

While Sir Gyles was negotiating with the guard captain, Delphine reappears.

Delphine: I escaped from the Atlanteans of the Future and all I got was this stupid, incredibly powerful, magic bracelet that enhances my Battlemage capabilities. Can you believe it? I didn't even get a magic wand.

The group moves on, past some highly confused Orgoth servants who are packing up supplies.

Never Read The Comments Section

Jandove locates a path hidden behind a rock outcrop and leads the Motley Too into the Hessiac Mountains. They come to a rope bridge that Jandove says in modern times will be replaced with a more sturdy stone bridge. Guarding the bridge is a small troll.

Yahyew Reight: Alright people, listen up. This is a troll bridge, and I'm the troll. It's 5,000 gold to pass.
Kurtis: Are you just interested in money? Do you like drugs? Like to go on trips? You like magic mushrooms?
Yahyew Reight: I like this guy. You can't get this stuff up here. Ok. Half price. 2,500 gold and the mushrooms.
Delphine: Just kill him!
Yahyew Reight: Oh, you gonna start something, shorty?
Delphine: Move or die!
Yahyew Reight: Give me the money and the mushrooms and go.

The Harper of the North stabs the troll with his ceremonial dagger. The troll curls up, paralyzed. The group crosses the bridge and moves on. An hour later, they come across a second, slightly less rickety rope bridge, with a normal sized troll. The negotiation over the toll barely begins before Delphine throws an insult, and the troll throws a boulder. Delphine channels an electrical charge through her staff, zapping the troll and causing him to fall off the bridge into the ravine. An hour later, they come across a third bridge and a third troll. The bridge is sturdy, and the troll is huge.

Leet Suxor: Well, well, well. Look at this bunch. A real rainbow coalition. I hear you like to stab little trolls and bully people and throw them off bridges. What's next? Drowning kittens? Kicking puppies?

Adarra is tired of the banter, so she charges to attack. After a protracted fight, the Motley Too defeats the giant troll.

Leet Suxor: You may have beaten me, but the Fourchan Clan Trolls can never be defeated!

The group moves on. Much later, they hear crashing footsteps. The rangers in the party move the group off the trail and then split up to scout ahead. They learn that there are five Mountain Giants waiting ahead to trap the group. Since the Motley Too is aware of the trap, they should have had an opportunity to take the initiative. But Wileu's hatred of giants is too strong, and she charges forward in a rage to attack. The rest of the group scrambles to support her. During the fight, a troll comes up from behind them.

Byor Lojik: Hah! This is the worst strategy against giants that I have ever seen!

The troll stays out of range of the fight (especially Jadove's arrows), and shouts a rude play-by-play of the battle.

As the fight continues, the party spots a young gnome, who has also been attracted to the sounds. She watches the fight from a distance.

After a long battle...

...the giants are defeated. The party eventually manages to catch up to the rude troll and burn it. The young gnome comes running out.

Young gnome: That was incredible! I've never seen anyone take out a whole group of giants before!

Jandove has been fighting a sense of deja vu the entire battle, and suddenly realizes that the young gnome is in fact her younger self. This was the encounter that inspired her to leave her gnomish seclusion and become a ranger. Afraid of creating a paradox, Jandove gives some inspiring words to her younger self. Kurtis gives her an extra magic sword that he had (+1 Dog Slayer..?!). Jandove can't remember having been given such a sword.

The party makes camp. In the morning, they follow the trail left behind by the giants and find their cave lair. Inside the cave is an abused-looking bear, which rears at them when they approach. The party initially attacks the bear, but Kurtis holds back and then Adarra uses her druidic abilities to charm the creature and convince it to leave. The group then loots the giant's treasure horde.

...And the Vegetable Will Respond To You

The Motley Too continue their way through the mountains, and eventually they find themselves going steadily downwards, back to flat land. As they approach Chumera, a beautiful spring day gives way to oppressive darkness. Something is rotten in the state of Chumera.

The Motley Too soldier on, but eventually hear an authoritative voice.

Voice: Halt! Drop your weapons and prepare to be inspected.

The group stops and turns. An immediate urge to laugh is suppressed thanks to an inexplicable sense of terror. Facing the group are four giant potatoes, with angry faces, brandishing weapons held by small, thin arms. They seem to be hovering an inch above the ground.

Adarra and Sir Gyles signal to the rest of the group that there is something unnatural and dangerous about these potatoes. The group turns to run.

Potato: Rebels! After them!

The potatoes are able to keep pace with the group, and don't seem to be tiring. Luckily, a group of four warriors appear on the scene: three humans and a dwarf. One of the humans, clearly a wizard, steps forward and unleashes a lighting bolt onto the potatoes. The dwarf charges into battle with a giant axe, screaming chaotically.

The Motley Too join in the battle. The wizard turns to Wileu, casting a spell that transforms her into a giant. Adarra tries to use her druidic control of plants to paralyze the potatoes, but only manages to affect one of them.

The wizard Kurgan says that the potatoes are really devils that have been brought into this plane of existence by imbuing their souls in plants. The devils are highly resistant to magic, but also very physically strong. The best strategy is for magic users to bolster the fighting capabilities of their more physical companions, rather than attacking directly. As he says this, Delphine is getting massacred by one of the potato warriors. The wizard casts a spell transforming her into a cat with wings.

The cleric Balin the Brave walks among the group, casting healing and protection spells. The thief Sheila motions for Kurtis to follow her and leads him through the shadows to attack the potatoes from behind. The dwarf Flint Fireforge tears into the potatoes in a berzerker frenzy. With much effort, the potatoes are sliced down, one by one. As each one is defeated, it shudders, releasing a red spirit form that dissipates.

When the battle is over, Flint, bleeding mightily, looks over the group and curses.

Flint Fireforge: Elves?! I risked my life for stinking elves?!!

But his party members are able to calm him down.

The Motley Too explains that they are searching for Chumley. The other group explains that they are agents of Chumley, on an important quest for him. But Chumley was last seen in the city of Yokel, which is the last city to hold out against the invading forces of the Great Pumpkin (also known as Hutijin) and his potato army. Kurtis is interested in another known ally of Chumley, a bard named Sebastian. Balin says that Sebastian is actually a member of their group, but he remained behind in Yokel with Chumley.

Balin says that a potato general is staying in the nearby town of Bryn Sturgis. If the group can steal his banner, they could use it to get through the siege of Yokel to Chumley. Balin says that the owner of the Cat's Paw tavern is a member of the resistance, and he won't alert the guards if the group goes there while planning their attack on the general.

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