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Recap 15: Wights or Modrons - Which to Choose?

January 19, 2008

Fighting Dice?!?

Once the party entered the secret passage, they encountered more modrons, except some were more powerful than the ones they had fought earlier. The creatures had the ability to combine with one another to form a more powerful entity. Given the noise the party made fighting the creatures, each new group of modrons they encountered were forwarned and and were able to combine into stronger creatures before the party got to them. Eventually, with a lot of luck and a little bit of 'bring the lightning', the party members were able to dispatch all of them.



I Think I'm a Clone, Now?*

In the meantime, they continued to explore Mangar's training ground. One room had 2 doorways. Lieralyn was the first to enter one of the passages. Next thing they knew, another Lieralyn emerged from the second doorway. The original Lieralyn felt that she was both people at once, with no difference in thoughts or feelings, yet was able to control both of herself independently.

Kill wighty!

It became evident that eventually, the wights would have to be dealt with. Since the party membership had just increased by one super strong fighter, they decided now was as good a time as any. So, the group devised a plan of first trapping the wights in one room of the dungeon and then letting them out in small numbers so that they would be easier to kill. The plan worked. None of the party was injured.

Tricks 'n' Traps

Having rid themselves of this problem, the party was finally able to move around the dungeon much more freely. In a secret stairwell, they found a room with a huge statue of a smirking creature holding a magnifying glass. Turning the magnifying glass caused the statue to shrink. Three lanterns were found and reattached to the statues in the candle room. Once this happened, the statues animated and revealed the location of a secret room. Inside this room was a tiny castle with a tiny keyhole.

More #$#@$!! Tricks 'n' Traps

Too tiny for even the halfling to manipulate, the party realized they could expand the castle and key with the magnifying glass. Another key was revealed inside. This opened the door to one of the 3 treasure rooms found throughout the dungeon - copper, silver, and gold. The significance of these rooms was not in the treasure that abounded. It was in the metallic sheen each throne in each of the rooms bestowed on the first person to sit on it. This sheen turned the party members into human keys that could open doorways coded for each metal. The metallic sheens did not dissipate after the doors were open, leading people to wonder if they were now permanently shiny.

Behind this series of doors was a room with a black candle. Lighting the black candle opened a single black door that would take the party to the jade machine that supposedly opened the portal to the Plane of Frost.

Oh, and Vain did nothing.

*Yes, we've reached a new low, stealing from Weird Al Yankovic

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Flerm, Josy, Lieralyn, Malouf, Snow

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