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Recap 17: The Kings of Stealth

April 26, 2008

  • After a big fight with Gloiterwome where they almost all died, thanks to Vain, the Crew is able to kill the dragon.
  • The Essence of Frost turned out to be a pool of water that grants you frost powers of "offense" or "defense". Everyone except Malouf takes a dip.
  • Flerm acquires Keagon.
  • They give Gloiterwome's head to the Frost Giants. The Frost Giants are duly impressed and invite the group to their village. They try to give Vain a shield as a sign of appreciate. Vain does nothing. So Brecaryn accepts it on his behalf.
  • Back at Mangar's Woods, the place is overrun with barbarians. They chased the drow away. The drow think it was the Crew's idea and tells Flerm because of this betrayal, they intend to steal the Essence of Frost. They think it's the shield. Flerm doesn't correct them.
  • The elves kick everyone out. Brecaryn and Flerm go to Sabael to do research (Well, Brecaryn goes to do research. Flerm goes for her protection and his own curiosity.) Everybody else, including the hoarde, go to Bryn Sturgis to wait for them.
  • Drow attack and steal the shield, but they make sure not to kill anyone. Malouf harshly interrogates on injured drow. He reveals Malekith's plan to use the shield against the Red Bull. Learning it's not the Essence of Frost, he asks to be allowed to warn Malekith. Malouf asks two barbarians to carry him to Yokel, a town taken over by mind flayers, since they can travel quickly.
  • At Yokel, they encounter an injured drow. He tells them there is a fight going on at the church, so that is where the group heads.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Flerm, Gloiterwome, Josy, Keagon, Lieralyn, Malouf, Snow, Turtle the dog, Vain

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