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Recap 22: To Betaya, the Scenic Route

November 8, 2008

  • An imp shows up and wants to challenge Nightshade to become Brecaryn's familiar
  • Back in Yokel, they find out a mercenary group called Havoc Company stole their stuff.
  • Snow meets with the Havoc Company leader and gets their stuff back or the monetary equivalent.
  • Snow reveals to Malouf she received a letter from Baron Karzda a while ago. The letter mentions Malouf's brother.
  • The Crew gets their asses handed to them by troglodytes.
  • Malouf and Snow meet Denvaar and Kurio - procurer of exotic animals. The 2 behave suspiciously, but Malouf and Snow let them go on their way.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Baron Karzda, Brecaryn, Captain Cauddle, Captain Dokari, Denvaar, Flerm, Havoc Company, Josy, Kurio, Lashtal's mom, Lieralyn, Lord Oliam, Malouf, Marroc Bulge, Myrtle Bulge, Oliver, Rumpleplix, Snow

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