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Recap 29: Two Beds, Bad Ale, and Saburses Tut

August 8, 2009

Intimidation's Not as Easy as You May Think

Oliver quickly leaves the group, promising to "explain later". Flerm takes the opportunity to rush off, as well, to visit the temple of Anubis. The priest tells him the mark he bears on his forehead allows him entry into the underworld. Usually, Anubis, god of the underworld, only grants this to royalty upon their death so that they may avoid being cast into the sea of souls. The priest has never seen it before on a live man. The priest gives Flerm 3 scrolls, presumably filled with cleric spells. Flerm decides to leave a tribute of 1000 gold pieces. He then proceeds to the furniture store to find items to outfit the fortress he imagines he will build in the mirror world. With a very limited selection of items available, Flerm ends up with only 2 beds.

Malouf decides to find a tavern so Snow tags along to cover the tab. Alana, deeming the Cat's Meow as too tame for her tastes, decides to try the Scorpion's Splash instead, dragging Brecaryn with her. Lieralyn returns to their rooms with the mirror to check on Josy.

At the Scorpion's Splash, one of the rough-looking customers attempts to intimidate Alana and Brecaryn. Brecaryn brushes his comments off with her usual unconcern. Alana manages to frighten him off with her cheerful inquisitiveness, as she remains typically oblivious to any menacing undercurrents.

After showing the local toughs what tough really is, Alana and Brecaryn head to the general store to pick up some much needed desert survival supplies - tents and hats. Next - the library for information on the desert, cities, and maps.

Suspicions Aroused

The clerks at the library tell Brecaryn and Alana that much of the information they are asking for is forbidden to foreigners. Appearing friendly at first, as the pair ask more questions, the clerks become nervous, their answers more curt.

Meanwhile, Oliver finally returns to the rooms. In an agitated state, he tells Snow that they are not safe in the city. Thieves are coming to take them, Phantar might be dead, and they needed to leave immediately. Snow questions him as to the source of his information. It seems Oliver befriended a group of rebels within the city. Overhearing Oliver asking questions about Chumerans, they approached him, telling him that the Chumerans had been kidnapped by thieves and taken to Nizwah, burial grounds in the desert, to the Tomb of Saburses. And now the same would happen to Oliver and his friends unless they escaped the city. Although Snow was suspicious of this information, she also didn't trust the officials in the city and decided to follow the rebels' advice and flee. Even if it were a trick, perhaps it would get them that much closer to finding Phantar.

By this time, Flerm had returned, so, the whole group leaves for the library to collect Alana and Brecaryn. As soon as they enter, it's obvious that they are being watched with a little too much interest by the clerks. Snow quietly tells Alana and Brecaryn that they must leave immediately. Gathering their belongings, they head for the southwest gate out of the city.

Back Into the Desert, But This Time We've Got Big Hats

Once out of sight of the city, Brecaryn opens the mirror so those not up for desert travel can rest in the mirror. To everyone's unpleasant surprise, Rumpleplix is sitting on one of Flerm's beds.

Rumpleplix: Is it time for the contest?

Brecaryn tells him no. He accepts her answer this time and disappears, but it is clear he is impatient. It is unlikely he will be put off for long. How can Brecaryn find a way out of this without upsetting the powerful imp? If he chose, he could cause no end of misery for the Motley Crew.

Crossing the desert to Nizwah, the Crew experienced the usual difficulties. One of the giant worms, the shai-hulud, crossed very near to their encampment. The slimy trail left by the worm gave off a terrible stench. In the trench of dried ooze, hundreds of small worms could be seen moving about.

Tusken raiders on axebeaks also showed up to harass the group. After dispatching them, they search their bodies. Snow, curious about what these raiders look like, unravels its wrappings. When the last of the wrappings are taken away, there is no body. There is nothing except dust, goggles, and a bone eye socket. Alana takes a flask full of an unknown, potent-smelling substance and the eye bone. Flerm takes some spears. The two divide the head spikes between them. Neither has any idea what to do with them but enjoy collecting trophies from defeated enemies.


The burial grounds are in a large valley. Many large pyramids fill the valley, only one narrow path leading down to them. Crouching down on the ground to avoid detection, Malouf reaches out to move some ferns out of the way for a better view. He cries out. Flerm touches him, but Malouf doesn't react. Pulling him away from the plants, Flerm turns him over and sees that Malouf appears dessicated. Flerm manages to pull the plant off Malouf and blood spurts from the wound. Oliver helps Malouf to drink while Josy attempts to heal him. While her ministrations help, he remains in a seriously weakened state. Now aware of the danger the ferns pose, Flerm cuts a wide swath through them so the party can walk through them without touching.

Sending Nightshade down to scout, Brecaryn sees five heavily armored humans walking around the tombs. Nightshade overhears them mention their "Master" and speak of soon not having to hide indoors during the day. With this bit of information, the group leaps to the obvious choice of "vampires" although, Flerm is more skeptical this time. Nevertheless, he has no objections to their preparations. One of the barrels of water is converted to holy water and Josy casts the Continual Light spell on her boomerang. They also decide to wait until light to begin exploring.

If nothing else, Flerm ought to be thankful for all the times he died because it gives him an advantage in Nizwah. As the Crew get to the bottom of the path, one of the giant statues depicting a bird head on a human body steps forward.

Statue: The living are not allowed here.

Showing his symbol of Anubis, Flerm vouches for the party and the statue returns to its alcove, but not before issuing a warning not to disturb the rest of the dead. Sadly, with this group, the likelihood of that warning being heeded is very slim, however much they might try to respect it.

Not Tomb Raiding

Locating the Tomb of Saburses based on the information Oliver was given, the Crew enters cautiously. Unfortunately, not every trap is found and avoided and with Vain in tow, locating them does not mean he will pay attention to where he steps.

After surviving a tough fight with an undead giant, they come to the end of the corridor.

"Woe unto thee that would rob the grave of Saburses Tut. May his curse follow your ill-begotten gains wherever you may flee."

After reading this warning, the Crew look at each other. Carefully opening the door to this chamber, Snow sees it is full of gold and treasures. She quickly slams the door shut, putting her body in front of it and waves the group away, assuring them there is no need to go in there. Nothing good could come of it.

The northern corridor leads to a room bearing a large ankh on the wall, unlit candles, and an ebony altar on a dais. Flerm leaves 100 gold on the altar. As they turn to leave the room, they hear a poof. The candles light, the gold is gone, and a crash is heard in the corridor. The exit to the tomb has been caved in.

If Only Someone in the Group Had Some Sort of "Speed" Technique...*whistle*

Nothing left but to go south. The familiar sound of skeletons greet them. With Josy on their side, the group is confident they will easily dispatch these undead. And for once, it seems things are going their way until they get to the last skeleton.

It dodges Alana's arrows, snatches Josy's boomerang out of the air, and moves with such speed as to be a blur. It easily thrashes the entire group in seconds, winks, and speeds up the stairs.

It is only then that they realize the skeleton stole the mirror, easily cutting the straps holding it to Lieralyn before she could react. The group attempts a pursuit. They are slowed by a myriad of traps - pits of flesh-eating beetles, spears flying from the walls, and swinging blades.

Snow, Lieralyn, Oliver, and Malouf finally catch up to the skeleton at the top of the third flight of stairs. For every one strike the Crew make, the skeleton is able to deal a slew of blows. The battle ends quickly, but not before both Malouf and Snow are critically injured. Luckily, Josy is on hand to help.

Flerm takes the skeleton's scimitar for himself. But the mirror is no longer with the skeleton. Following a second set of stairs down, they find it on the far side of another beetle pit.

Inspecting the traps, Oliver determines that the spikes on the ceilings are triggered by fluctuations in the air currents. Any disruption of the air brings the spiked ceiling crashing down. In order to retrieve the mirror, Brecaryn shrinks herself so that Flerm can teleport her without any danger to either of them. As Vain is bound to follow Brecaryn wherever she goes, he immediately starts walking across the pit. Not surprisingly, the spikes are no match for the golem and are quickly rendered useless. Flerm ties the mirror to Vain before teleporting himself and Brecaryn back to the group.

With the mirror retrieved, they return to the corridor where they first encountered the skeletons. In the corner is a hole in the floor that seems to lead to some kind of natural cavern. Oliver climbs down to take a look. Hearing a hiss and growl, he quickly looks over and sees six wights! He pulls himself up just in time to avoid being pulled down. Now what?

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Flerm, Josy, Lieralyn, Malouf, Nightshade, Oliver, Rumpleplix, Snow, Vain

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