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Recap 30: Oh, We Know All About Re-Attaching Limbs

September 5, 2009

Keep Your Wights About You

Lieralyn feels a tug from the mirror and tells Brecaryn. Brecaryn opens up the portal and Leento steps out holding a bag. "I need Malouf." He then explains he is trying to track a T-rex that ate an important artifact. Seeing Oliver is a ranger, he asks to bring him, as well. The bag contains goodberries for the party members.

The remaining party members turn back to the wights-in-a-hole situation. A light stick is dropped into the hole so they can see what's down there. Looking into the hole, Josy is able to turn 6 of the wights but there are at least a half dozen more.

Alana shoots and manages to hit 1. Unfortunately, due to the size of the cavern below, the wights are able to stay mainly out of sight. Unless they drop down, they will not be able to see the wight to attack them.

Brecaryn sends Nightshade in to do a little reconnaissance, but a wight is laying in wait for him and nearly snatches the owl up. Before he flies out, Nightshade is able to see approximately 10 wights.

Knowing a wights ability to drain one's energy with a single hit, the party is extremely unwilling to jump into the hole and fight the wights directly, so Brecaryn begins to shoot fireballs blindly, hoping to hit as many as possible.

Sending Josy in for a second look, she first arms herself with a spell and a shield. She's slowly lowered in. A wight leaps out at her from behind. She screams and is quickly pulled back up. She looks diminished, a white streak in her hair. Despite the attack, she was able to see where the wights seemed to be grouped. Based on this information, Brecaryn shoots off another fireball.

As Brecaryn does this, Josy takes out the restoration scroll Flerm acquired and is able to recover the strength she lost from the wight's attack.

Brecaryn casts 4 more fireballs in quick succession. While safer for the party members, this method quickly drains Brecaryn of her spell points, leaving her unable to help or defend herself against future attacks, and it is unlikely the party will find a safe place to rest here. After the smoke clears, Nightshade is sent in again and reports that all of the wights seem to be down.

Holding onto a rope in one hand and the continual light torch in the other, Snow jumps into the hole to inspect the situation.

Carefully backing up to keep the wights in view, she inspects the corpses. One leaps up and swipes at her, thankfully missing.

A second stands and starts to run at Snow. Throwing a mighty kick, she decapitates the wight nearest her, aiming her kick to send the head into the second wight. The flying head knocks into the running wight, causing it to stagger. Taking advantage of its momentum, Snow throws a second kick as it falls towards her leg. The wight flies back into a wall, unmoving.

The group has to move quickly because the turned wights would be returning soon. The rest of the party drops into the hole and decapitates all the wights just in case any are still playing possum.

Fight Fight Fight And Never Give Up!

Going down the northwest corridor, the party realize that the continual light torch they are holding should penetrate farther into the corridor. Flerm recognizes that a darkness spell similar to his own has been cast.

Josy casts light and Flerm throws a vial of oil down the corridor. The spell briefly lights the area revealing the fighters seen walking outside earlier and many undead.

The vial of oil stops in mid-flight as if striking a barrier, dripping down an invisible wall. Brecaryn throws a fireball at the shield, burning it up.

Alana shoots at one of the fighters who then turns to gas and floats off. Thus, the battle ensues.

Snow manages to kill 3 wights and injures one of the fighters/vampires before being surrounded by what she thought were ghouls but were actually ghasts. Overwhelmed by the noxious smell leeching off their bodies, Snow becomes paralyzed and blinded. The vampires take her farther down the corridor.

There is a flurry of fireballs, lightning, and fire arrows, as Brecaryn and Alana pick off the undead. Josy gets attacked, but as the vampire tries to withdraw, Flerm and Lieralyn move to attack it. Before the vampire is able to retreat, Josy pulls back her mace, delivering a crushing blow, sending the vampire flying until its body is stopped by the far wall in a resounding crack.

Succumbing to their injuries, Brecaryn and Lieralyn both fall unconscious. Flerm engages one of the remaining skeletons. Everytime it attacks, it appears as if it's swinging to miss, but is still able to make contact with its opponent. Flerm first tries attacking it head-on and misses even though to all appearances, he should have hit. Using this information, Flerm swings wide to the right and, at last, hits and kills the skeleton champion.

As Josy helps to heal and bandage her fallen comrades, Brecaryn enters the mirror to retrieve more healing potions and arrows. One of the magick user skeletons reappears and renews the attack on the beleagured group. Flerm manages to kill him, but not before Lieralyn is rendered unconscious again.

If that weren't enough, as soon as she is revived, a vampire appears and tries to charm her. Irked by the condition the fight has left her normally immaculate person, Lieralyn is able to resist the charm and lays the vampire out with a mighty punch. Alana quickly comes to Lieralyn's aid by shooting a holy water-filled arrow at the vampire. Unfortunately, before she can finish the job, she manages to stun herself instead. Josy steps in and squirts holy water from her water skin until the creature is nothing but bones. Flerm takes its sword as Lieralyn lops off its head.

Shrewd Negotiators

At the end of the corridor more undead are waiting. Snow is tied up and laying on an altar. Guarding her is a fire elemental. While she had been in captivity, they had attempted to charm her. Failing that, they tried to bite her and make her one of them. With her iron skin, that didn't work either. Frustrated, they tied her up and threw her on the altar.

Enter her loyal teammates, ready to save her.

Vampire: Surrender or this one dies.

Alana: What happens if we do?

Vampire: You will be taken prisoner to await the judgement of the Master.

Alana: Who's your Master?

Vampire: The Oblivion King.

Alana: ...

Vampire: Your time's running out.

Alana: ...

Vampire: (cough)

Flerm: So burn her.

And so ends the negotiations. Snow is engulfed in flames. Luckily, her resistance to heat and her iron skin protects her from the flames. Whether or not her affections for her teammates remained intact would be a discussion for another day.

Brecaryn eats one of the disks in a the jar taken from the Dragonkin lair. Her body falls unconscious and she awakens inside Vain. Moving with fantastic speed, she retrieves Snow.

Flerm floats up to the skeleton champs and whips out a strange looking crossbow that shoots in a cone, attacking several undead at once.

Alana and Lieralyn are taken out by the skeleton archers. A swarm of bats fly into the cavern and attack the party. Snow slowly starts cutting herself free of the ropes. Flerm drags Brecaryn's body to safety while Vain-Brecaryn runs about wreaking havoc among the undead. It-she rips the heads off vampires and easily dispatches any ghouls and skeletons in the way.

With the death of one of the vampires, the elemental flies around, uncontrolled, lashing out at anyone in its path. Taking advantage of the ready blaze, Snow quickly grabs vampire corpses and hurls them into the flames, preventing any chance of regeneration on their part. An unfortunate result of this is that the elemental's flames keep growing larger.

"That's enough!" booms a voice through the cavern as a crystalline frost quickly moves across the room, freezing everything. (queue Mortal Kombat soundtrack)

Hmm....Round Hole...Round Peg....I'm Just Not Sure...

Alana, Flerm, and Lieralyn wake up in a dirt room without any of their equipment. Even Flerm's intelligent sword Keagon has been separated from Flerm. Lieralyn is bound to the eastern wall with her arms pulled behind her into holes in the wall. No visible exits can be seen. On the floor are three wooden pegs. As Alana and Flerm inspect the room and try to find a way to free Lieralyn, water starts pouring down from three holes in the ceiling. They pull out the pegs on the floor, revealing drainage holes, but the water is pouring in faster than it is draining out. The three attempt to pull Lieralyn's arms free. With Lieralyn's and Flerm's combined strengths, they are able to apply a great deal of force to their pulls, but slip and fail several times. At one point, Lieralyn feels a desperate tugging from the chains. Disturbed by this, it increases her attempts to pull free. The room quickly fills with water.

Brecaryn wakes on a filthy floor. Vain is gone! There are a pair of large iron doors to the west, but what demands her immediate attention is a withered skeletal being sitting on a throne in front of you. It has long wispy hair and a grinning skull face. It is wearing an ornate crown. Its head is tilted slightly, staring right at her, motionless. Next to it on a wooden stand is a large dusty book.

Brecaryn ignores the skeleton and moves forward to inspect the book.

Skeleton Guy: Yesss... your first impulse is not to flee, not to steal my valuable crown, but to reach for a source of knowledge. That is... commendable. (stares at her with unblinking eye sockets)

Brecaryn: Who are you?

SG: Who am I, indeed! I have had many names. Most recently, men have called me the "Oblivion King" when they have dared to speak of me at all. I have arranged events so that we could have this interview. Your friends are being tested. They are... (he looks blankly away, and his skeletal grin stretches further across his face. He turns back to Brecaryn) ...not doing so well. But you, I would make my apprentice.

Brecaryn: I'm apprenticed to Beeblebrox already. What have you...?

SG: Do you even know why you are here? It is... because I willed it. Men and their allies are so predictable. You create a disturbance. First they send their scouts. Then they send their soldiers. Then they send their elites, their leaders. Finally, they send their heroes. Your country has been drained of its protectors. Your group is the final part of the equation. Now your land shall be mine.

But I am not so disillusioned with mortals that I can ignore potential. You studied under the finest wizard in your land. And you have shown your resourcefulness. But I have had a thousand lifetimes to perfect my craft. And I offer you an eternity to seek knowledge and learn the secrets of the arcane. I will spare your friends as well. But you must pledge your loyalty to me.

Brecaryn: I don't know. I'm going to have to talk to Beeblebrox about that first.

SG: (rolls eyes, to the extent that a skeleton with empty eye sockets can roll its nonexistent eyes, takes a calming breath) Of course, you will refuse now. The idea is too new, and you are a deliberator. But I have planted the seed. And when you have realized the futility of opposing me, it will bear fruit.

Brecaryn suddenly finds herself out in a hallway with Vain. She can hear running water.

Meanwhile, Snow and Josy awake in a room, Josy held to the wall in the same manner as Lieralyn. This room has a locked door. As Snow tries to find a way to free Josy, Josy feels her arms being pulled back. Both of her shoulders become dislocated from the force of the pulls. Snow desperately tries to pull her arms out, but to no avail. Josy passes out from the pain. Seeing no alternative, Snow rushes at the door, managing to knock it down. Glancing wildly down the corridor, barely registering Brecaryn's presence in the corridor, she runs left, hoping to find the room and stop whatever it is that's pulling Josy's arms. Seeing one just down the hall, she quickly opens it and is engulfed in water gushing out.

Now underwater, Flerm and Alana are attempting to help Lieralyn breathe as they are able to swim to the top of the room where a small space of air is still available. As Lieralyn has a stray thought that she is likely attached to another person, she gives one final mighty pull to free herself. It works. Pulling her arm out of the hole, she sees that attached to it is a tiny arm. Apparently, she guessed correctly.

With the water flowing out into the hallway, the water level in the room quickly drops. Snow looks in horror at the scene before her - Lieralyn standing with Josy's arm dangling from a chain. She quickly runs back to the room Josy's in, yelling to Brecaryn they need to find a torch or some form of fire to cauterize Josy's wound before she bleeds to death.

Checking the one of the doors in the corridor, Brecaryn finds one occupied by a withered old man. He sees Vain and whispers, "Beeblebrox?". It's Phantar.

Brecaryn asks him for help, quickly explaining one of her party is gravely injured. She helps him up and takes him to Josy. Seeing her gushing blood from her wounds, he lays his hands on her and heals the wound. He cannot reattach her arm, unfortunately.

Cereally? Mummy Rot?

Alana checks the remaining rooms and only finds corpses. Flerm plugs the round holes in the ceiling with the round pegs they removed earlier from the floor, thus stopping any more water from flowing in. Grasping the chains from Josy's side, Lieralyn and he pull together to free the two from each other without tearing anymore comrade's arms off.

Taking the weak and injured Josy and her unattached arm with them, the party look for both their equipment and escape. They find their equipment in a locked room along with their menagerie and a few zombies. The menagerie is in the process of harassing the undead creatures when the group finds them. Killing the zombies, they quickly retrieve their weapons and armor. Flerm picks up a cursed vampire sword in addition to Keagon.

Before they leave the room, Brecaryn feels the tug from the mirror. Opening it, Leento, Malouf, and Oliver appear. They are disturbed and shocked by the scene before them (though why they wouldn't be inured to this type of disaster by this point is anybody's guess). Leento disintegrates the chains still on Josy and Lieralyn's arms and tells them that he can reattach Josy's limb if they get him troll blood. In the meantime, he will preserve her arm. Although he cannot stay, he is able to heal all of them and give them more goodberries.

After some debate, Phantar is grudgingly given a two-handed sword by Alana. Keagon tells Flerm he ought to give the sword to Phantar, as both Keagon and Phantar share the same ideals. Flerm looks at the sword, scoffs, and shoves it into his scabbard.

As they continue their search for an exit, Phantar explains what has been happening. The Oblivion King is a lich, the most powerful type of undead. His plan is to march on Chumera and take over the kingdom. While he held Phantar captive, he drained all of Phantar's power, thus explaining the king's diminished appearance. He had deliberately lured the Motley Crew to the desert so that he would be able to release his army on Chumera without interference. Now they need to get Phantar back as quickly as possible so that he can organize his army to fight off the Oblivion King.

After killing two more vampires - former members of Phantar's cadre of Knights - they arrive in another corridor. Phantar charges ahead, calling for the Crew to follow. Knowing he would be no match for anything they might encounter in this dungeon, the group charges after him. A zombie giant appears and caves in the ceiling, blocking off the group's escape. Several undead - ghasts, ghouls, and skeletons - appear from another corridor behind them. Knowing his penchant for charging in, Malouf is warned not to touch the ghasts or breathe in their noxious fumes.

After dispatching this one group of undead, Malouf and Oliver scout out a corridor branching off from the main one, hoping to find the way out. This time, they encounter mummies who have the power to paralyze their opponents with fear. Although Malouf is able to kill one, he is critically injured by another before all the mummies can be killed. As a result of their encounter, Malouf and Oliver both contract mummy rot.

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Flerm, Josy, Keagon, Leento, Lieralyn, Malouf, Nightshade, Oblivion King, Oliver, Phantar, Snow, Vain

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