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Recap 31: Adventures in the City of the Dead

October 02, 2009

Wha' Hoppen?

  • Having saved the Kingdom of Chumera from a Mind Flayer invasion, the Motley Crew chose the rescue of Chumera's king, Lord Phantar, as its next mission.
  • Lord Phantar was last seen heading to the great desert south of Chumera to investigate disappearing merchants and soldiers.
  • Following in Lord Phantar's footsteps, the Motley Crew...
    • Bumped into their new 'friends', a tribe of orcs called the Broken Bone. Thanks to the unintentional actions of the Crew, the numbers of the Broken Bone have been growing, and now include an alliance with goblins as well.
    • Passed through the town of South Luka, where a conflict between the rebellious southern Rangers and the Knights of Chumera was brewing.
    • Bypassed the opportunity to research the southern desert at the Independent Mages Guild of South Luka.
    • Failed to acquire a piece of the Sword of Cervantes, most likely leaving the piece to fall into the hands of their rivals, the Havoc Company.
    • Got Brecaryn semi-possessed by a Dragonkin Queen. Brecaryn also saw visions of the undead dragon Gloitterwome heading towards the party.
    • Met a contingent of Snow's Monks of the Drunken Butterfly
    • Met a group of Dwarves guarding a passage to the Kingdom of Rockholme.
    • Encountered creatures that looked like Beholders but exploded into gaseous spores when approached.
    • Bullied and slaughtered their way past a contingent of goblin soldiers doing field maneuvers with a giant golem.
    • Befriended a family of Frost Giants.
    • Crossed the Rusty Mountains and found the great southern desert
  • In the desert, the Motley Crew...
    • Out-riddled a sphinx named Narasimha, who promised to respond to their call.
    • Found an altar in an oasis dedicated to the elven goddess Sehanine Moonbow. Alana received a vision of Sehanine that told her to prove herself worthy of a yet-to-be-named gift.
    • Located the city and hanging gardens of al-Laqant, with a vibrant merchant class and a strangely subdued upper class.
    • Were contacted by a group of underground rebels who told Oliver that Phantar was likely taken by a group of bandits to Nizwah, the city of the dead. The rebels' message was cryptic, however.
  • In Nizwah, the Motley Crew...
    • Got into trouble with some animated guardian statues until Flerm - who has died and been resurrected so many times he's apparently an honorary member of the city - vouched for everyone.
    • Fought their way through a pyramid full of undead (not bandits)
    • Got Josy's arm torn off.
    • Discovered that that the leader of the undead was a powerful lich calling himself the Oblivion King. The lich said it was all part of his goal to lure all of the defenders of Chumera down into the desert so he could launch an invasion.
Whatsa Gonna Hoppen?
  • Before the party can get back in the magic mirror, Brecaryn's owl Nightshade is going to have to fight the pernicious imp Rumpleplix in a duel to the death to determine who gets to be Brecaryn's familiar. Nightshade doesn't stand a chance.
  • The party is going to have to get across the desert and back to Chumera to help fight the Oblivion King's invasion.
    • How quickly can they get there? In time to warn the Knights of Chumera? Or will they only arrive after the invasion has begun?
    • What other groups can they rally to the Chumeran cause?

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Broken Bone, Dragonkin Queen, Flerm, Josy, Lieralyn, Malouf, Narasimha the Sphinx, Oblivion King, Oliver, Sehanine Moonbow, Snow

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