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Recap 35: I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

August 21, 2010

"If we're not there, then we don't attack."

                    -- Cause I'm Great by Alana of the Motley Crew

So This is What We're Gonna Do

The Plan: At daybreak, Brecaryn will enlarge the goblin construct outside of the mirror. The Crew will get in. Flerm will operate it and get the group to the hill. Once there, Brecaryn will use the Tikki medallion to explode the coffins, thus exposing the vampires to the sun.

Having agreed to this, the group rests in the mirror, posting no watch. When they awake and exit the mirror, they find that in the middle of the night, disaster struck the ranger camp. In retaliation for Snow and Malouf's previous escapade, the vampires sent hordes of vampires, werewolves, and bats to attack the consecrated ground. Two rangers died in the attack. Whoops. Feeling extremely guilty, Josy resurrects the two rangers and offers whatever healing she can.

Before executing The Plan, Josy uses a barrel of holy water to scry the area. She sees that the city is nearly overwhelmed and will fall in no more than two days. The dragonkin cave is full of wights, skeletons, and vampires. Suddenly, Josy sees a grinning cloaked skeleton. A hand reaches out through the water and grabs for Josy, but Snow is able to pull her away in time.

Initially, no effort is made to stop the construct as it makes its way to the hill. As they near it, though, a group of skeleton wizards come forward and cast a wall of fire. The construct is made of wood. Flerm uses the construct to scoop dirt over the fire to dampen it and walk through.

The group attacks with lightning and arrows from inside the construct. Malouf runs out to kill a nearby group of skeletons. Snow runs out after him. Seeing mummies approaching, she shouts to the group that they are only affected by magic and their touch will cause rot.

Wizards attack the construct with fireballs as Flerm continues using the Scoop and Throw button on any undead within reach.

Josy manages to turn or destroy most of the undead in the field. Suddenly, two skeleton champions jump out from the wall of fire, burst into flame and proceed up each of the legs of the construct. They sustain some damage from protective glyphs Josy had placed at the doors, but it is not enough to stop them. Before they can set fire to the entire construct, Josy puts out their flames with a precipitation spell. Lieralyn is hurt badly in the fight. Alana is able to turn them to gas and stone with her arrows.

Snow, injured, takes over the construct controls so that Flerm can help out in the battle. Oliver has cleverly turned himself invisible, thus giving him an advantage in the fight. Malouf is rendered unconscious, but Rain is able to stand guard over him.

While out in the field, a bulette appears, charging through the fire at Flerm. He cocks his head at it, placing his hand on his hip, unmoving. The illusion charges through Flerm, leaving him unharmed.

To prevent anymore attacks from the wizards, Josy casts a sphere of silence over the tents. Brecaryn explodes the coffins in the first 2 tents with her medallion. Alana shoots a continual light arrow into the first tent while Snow cuts down the second. Flerm uses the construct to stomp any undead and toss them into the fire.

Using the medallion to carefully break the third coffin into large chunks, Brecaryn is able to use the wood to repair the fire-damaged construct's head.

Before they can get to the third vampire, a spell of darkness covers the entire area. All items that had continual light cast on them go out. The third tent is thrown off to reveal the third vampire.

Moving the construct out of the sphere of silence, Brecaryn casts vocalize on herself and fireballs the vampire. Lieralyn brings it down with a direct hit to the heart.

Knowing this is not enough to permanently kill the vampire, Flerm floats it up until he escapes the darkness. It explodes in the sunlight and the darkness dissipates.

Flerm suspects there must be something special about this hill for the vampires to expose themselves to occupy it. Using the construct, he digs around until he finds a large black orb. Before they can examine it, the Crew hears a loud buzzing. In the distance, a large cloud is seen approaching. The elves say it is a cloud of insects.

The group quickly gets in the mirror with the construct and the orb. Malouf straps the mirror onto his back and runs to the consecrated ground. He's injured slightly before making it through the barrier. The insects crash through and instantly die.

According to Qikko, the undead became directionless a few minutes ago, coinciding with the vampire's death and the discovery of the orb. Lieralyn and Snow hold Malouf back while Brecaryn and Josy examine the orb. Josy casts auger and determines it would be a good thing to destroy the orb.

Flerm reaches out and touches the orb and is filled with the sensation that he can control the undead, for real this time. He tells a zombie to attack another. The group sees his eyes go black. Having experienced plenty of magickal items possessing their colleagues, they weren't going to be having any of that. Snow and Lieralyn release Malouf. The sphere is destroyed, and everyone feels as if a weight has been lifted. Except Flerm who's pretty upset about losing the orb.

The Cleanup

They all rest for a while before deciding to head back to the city and get an update. In the east, flashes on the magic barrier can be seen, as if it is under attack. To the west, Lieralyn spots movement heading towards Phantar's camp.

At the city, Miles is jubilant about the apparent victory. The North Lukans are helping to reinforce the magic wall, so there is no need to be concerned about that. He scoffs at the Crew's warnings that it's not yet over and accuses them of trying to trick him into an alliance with Phantar. Snow does not take kindly to his accusations, especially in light of their help with defending the city. The rest of the party smooths over the situation, leaving Miles with a warning to be cautious before Snow can give him a close up of her boot.

Taking a boat to Phantar's camp, they are briefed on the current situation. Phantar's paladins can handle the undead, but he needs someone to destroy the war machines.

Malouf again carries the group and Phantar in the mirror, getting as close as possible to the war machines.

The attack is quick. Brecaryn's fireballs take care of the war machines easily while the rest of the party keeps the undead distracted. Distracted meaning dead.

Everyone gets back in the mirror so that Malouf can return to camp. As he's running, he hears howling. Looking back, he sees a group of undead trolls gaining on him. Then he hears a strange growling-hooting noise ahead. Suddenly, a pack of owl bears crash into the trolls. A blond, chiseled-jaw guy shows up carrying a lute. He introduces himself as Klute. He's responsible for the owl bears. He and Malouf return to the camp wall just as an army of griffon riders arrive.

As introductions are being made, a horrible sound is heard. Everything stops. Gloiterwome appears in the sky and flies directly to the dragonkin cave. The undead fall. Gloiterwome flies past with the Oblivion King on her back, flying south.

Oblivion King: "We'll be back, Brecaryn."

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Flerm, Gloiterwome, goblin construct, Josy, Klute, Lieralyn, Lord Miles, Malouf, Oblivion King, Oliver, Orb of Undead Control, Phantar, Qikko, Rain, Snow

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