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Recap 44: The Loss of a Comrade

November 12, 2011

After managing to destroy Gloiterwome's body, the Oblivion King stages a strategic retreat.

  • Josy heals everyone who needs healing
  • Zarana, the leader of the Zhentils, introduces herself and offers to let the group stay in their camp.
  • Puff leaves. Narasimha stays.
  • They decide the best strategy is to call the Oblivion King, kill his body, bury it in consecrated ground so it takes longer to regenerate, and rush to Nizwah to find his phylactery.
  • Lieralyn and Alana are acting strangely ever since they were bitten by the vampires. During their various watches, Snow and Malouf don't let Alana or Lieralyn out of their sights. Snow thinks a wolf howling could be one of the vampires calling to Alana and accompanies her to check on her griffon. Malouf goes so far as to follow Lieralyn to the bathroom.
  • In the morning, Lieralyn and Alana are very sensitive to the sun. This raises more suspicions with the group. They argue a bit, but nothing is resolved.
  • The Crew goes off to meet the elder Qusay, who guards the Fountain of Youth. The catch is they have to leave their weapons and armor behind and fight past a group of giants.
  • The fight is a disaster. Oliver gets killed. Qusay is unable to bring him back to life. Leento is called using the mirror so he can take Oliver's body and preserve it.
  • Alana, Lieralyn, Snow, and Flerm all drink from the fountain.
  • Back at the Zhentil camp, Flerm gets lucky.
  • They fight the Oblivion King. They succeed in killing his physical self. Now they just have to get to Nizwah and find his phylactery before he revives.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Flerm, Josy, Klute, Lieralyn, Malouf, Narasimha the Sphinx, Oblivion King, Oliver, Puff, Qusay, Snow, Vain, Zarana, Zhentils

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