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Recap 45: Race Against Time

March 17, 2012

Having successfully destroyed the Oblivion King's body, the heroes must hurry to Nizwah to find and destroy his phylactery.

  • The Zhentils and the giants stay behind to make sure the Oblivion King's body is not able to regenerate. The trolls travel with the Motley Crew to Nizwah, flown there by Narasimha.
  • On the way, Narasimha is attacked by a coordinated group of wyverns. Poisoned and unable to go on, Narasimha goes in the mirror to recover while Malouf and Snow run the mirror to Nizwah.
  • A mysterious Tusken Raider signals the group, pointing at Vain, and drops a bag containing six vials of black liquid. There is speculation that these are potions that can either heal or harm you when drunk. This seems unlikely, however, when considering the Raider specifically pointed to Vain while holding up the bag.
  • In Nizwah, the statues tell the group to retrieve the Scepter of Anubis and give it to Josy. It will allow Anubis to suppress the Oblivion King's power.
  • Some vampires appear. They fight. Lieralyn chooses to run away instead. Malouf is charmed into attacking her. Josy turns all of the undead so the group is able to kill all but three vampires who escape by turning to mist.
  • In the temple, they fight off a huge horde of undead. Oddly, some of the undead are giving off heat and not doing as much damage as they normally do. Turns out, they're human.
  • Down in the caverns under the temple, they fight a zombie beholder. Finally, Snow gets to use the beholder fork.
  • Walking further in, they encounter a disgusting creature that looks to be several human bodies fused together, covered in tentacles. Malouf recognizes Azhar and Bayhas. They kill it.
  • They find the room with the floating crown, shielded in light. Brecaryn uses her phase ring to get through the shield, taking the crown. The scepter appears, but so do three 8ft tall demon guards.
  • Josy suggests they run. Taking her advice, Snow grabs the scepter off of the wall, grabs Josy, and makes for the exit.
  • The demons go after Snow. In order to give Klute time to close off the stone corridor, Snow goes back into the room, luring the demons to her. She manages to kill one. Josy turns the other two in a miraculous feat of amazingness, making them easy to finish off.
  • With the scepter in hand, Josy feels able to "catch" any magickal attacks directed at her and send the energy back at the attacker.
  • They encounter more undead. They manage to kill most of them, but the vampires and skeleton wizards escape.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Azhar, Bayhas, Brecaryn, Flerm, Itchy Tiger Trolls, Josy, Klute, Lieralyn, Malouf, Narasimha the Sphinx, Nightshade, Scepter of Anubis, Snow, Zarana, Zhentils

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