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Recap 46: Ding Dong the Lich is Dead

April 7, 2012

The Motley Crew continues the search for the Oblivion King's phylactery in Nizwah. They were able to retrieve the Scepter of Anubis before encountering another group of undead led by the Oblivion King's loyal vampires.

Easily, defeating the undead creatures, the Crew is now in pursuit of the vampires.

  • Before they catch up to the vampires, Brecaryn is signalled through the mirror. A Chumeran mage named Candalaria requests aid for the battlefront where the undead army have risen. Incidentally, Candalaria is also Klute's ex. Malouf and Klute go with Candalaria.
  • The group catches up to the vampires who are holding halflings hostage. In exchange for the halflings, releasing control over Lieralyn, and dropping their loot (Flerm's idea), they agree to let the vampires go. (Not really. Snow intends to kick their butts, but they turned to mist and made good on their escape.)
  • The group gets more competent in one of the Dragonkin's Chamber of Competency.
  • Mummy cats
  • Zarana's brother Zartan attacks them with a bunch of undead, but Josy, with her super awesome holy symbol, turns all of them, including Zartan. Snow kills him. They put his body in the mirror to return to Zarana.
  • That sure is a nice hat you've got there. I hear it gives you telekinesis.
  • The group heads to the Oblivion King's throne room. On the way, they encounter an endless sea of undead exiting from a portal. Luckily, with the scepter, any spells cast at them are neutralized. Josy's holy symbol not only turns the creatures, but it causes the portal to close, as well.
  • Snow eats a disk that allows her to control constructs and uses Vain to wipe out a good number of the undead left in the corridor.
  • Kim rolls three 1s in a row.
  • They meet Rafiq, a prisoner in one of the Oblivion King's cells. Flerm doesn't like him. Suspicious as usual, the group decides to leave Rafiq there for the time being.
  • In the throne room, they see a bunch of white Vains. Vain charges ahead to destroy them, but falls into a bottomless pit trap instead.
  • Josy gets knocked out by a white Vain.
  • Lieralyn gets beaten by a white Vain, but is knocked out by herself.
  • Flerm and Snow take out a good number of the white Vains.
  • Narasimha roars.
  • The trolls are confused.
  • Brecaryn figures out where the phylactery is and orders her "slaves" to come help her. She destroys it with a fireball.
  • Meanwhile, the Oblivion King has formed a new body. They kill it. With the phylactery destroyed, this is the end of the lich. Yay!
  • Two trolls are turned to zombies by a super zombie that can only be killed if you destroy its brain. They kill all three.
  • Brecaryn is reminded that the group is too casual about using the mirror in front of others. The knowledge can be used against them if they're not more careful.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Brecaryn, Candelaria, Flerm, Itchy Tiger Trolls, Josy, Keagon, Klute, Lieralyn, Malouf, Narasimha the Sphinx, Nightshade, Oblivion King, Rafiq, Scepter of Anubis, Snow, Vain, Zartan

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Dibs on the telekinesis hat!

i think we should get Rafiq into the treasure room, not tell him what the throne does, and one of us can sit on it and ask questions and see if he tells the truth or not. his whole story about how he ended up a prisoner is a little shady.

only problem is watching to make sure he doesn't steal something.

Thats a good idea. I would also like to take him as a slave. It is customary for my people to take slaves as spoils of war. In exchange for his life, it's a very good deal.

If he fits in my back pack I should have first dibs. I don't care what we do with him...

Dont you already have a leprechaun? You really shouldnt horde too many live creatures without feeding or caring for them...

If he steals something is that really on us if hes not actually part of our group? Otherwise I think the throne idea is good. And we def dont want to share the mirror knowledge with him by accident.

Josy owns the leprechaun I thought. Well either way I need slaves. That's what my people do. We enslave. Plus it's good cannon fodder. "you don't want to look in a cave? Send a slave."

Oh.. I thought Josy gave it away cause she didn't want to keep a live creature in her bag. Because that's kind of creepy. and weird..? Plus she can't carry anything anyway. I could be wrong though.

you're the underground construction expert..shouldn't you be okay with looking caves and such?

The throne thing is a good idea. We should tie him up and blindfold him to bring him there. He's a sorcerer though right? Can he do stuff without using his hands? Oh and since he's evil (and I'm a good girl now) we should make him be a good guy. Evil=bad, except for Flerm.

Also, who is this Kim person that rolled 3 ones? That sure is unlucky and also highly unprobable.

you've got the wrong idea. the point is to be subtle. i don't want him to think he's being interrogated.

we will go back to the throne room on the pretense that Brecaryn wants to examine something in there.

in reality, Brecaryn, as the one most familiar with magick, i want you to pay attention to what Rafiq says and does while you're "examining" whatever.

i will feign exhaustion from being speeded for the previous battle and have a seat on the throne.

Flerm and Lieralyn flank our "guest" to make sure he doesn't touch anything.

Alana, hang out somewhere out of his line of sight but with a clear shot of him. if he so much at twitches a finger, you shoot him. but don't go cocking your bow too soon so that he knows you're prepared to shoot him. fly casual, as they say.

i'll ask him questions about who he is and how he ended up in the cell. if i scratch my nose, Lieralyn and Flerm - you knock him out.

if i like his answers, we'll proceed to the bedroom to get the humans we left there. keep in mind, no mention of the mirror or what it does. we will have to carry the bodies out.

clear? any suggestions or problems you foresee with the plan?

I say either I enslave him or just let me kill him. No fuss no muss. And most importantly no looose ends.

I think its a good plan but maybe I should start off the questioning only because ive been in supposedly the same situation. Not that I really want to. Also I wasnt paying attention or remember what he said. You can kinda casually join into the convo as we talk and notice stuff.. I foresee possible magic usage unless hes been a true prisoner and weakened like phantar. I have no spell points also..

anybody can ask questions. whoever's sitting on the chair will know if the person's lying or not. so, we can still have me sit and start with questions, and anyone can interject. the only reason i think we should do it this way is because we need you to be the reason we're in the room at all.

You guys aren't very nice.

yeah, but at least we're not lying devils! LIAR!