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Recap 48: The Sword in the Desert

June 2, 2012

  • Alana and Otter stay at the oasis to train while the rest of the group go find this sword piece Brecaryn's been charged with finding. (Click here for the History of Cervantes' sword)
  • At the village marked on the map (Rohri), Malouf goes in by himself to get the lay of the land. The rest of the group joins him later.
  • The village has four pyramids. The sword piece is in one of them. The Crew blasts their way through the pyramid wall.
  • In the dungeon under the pyramid, they fight lots of exploding-butt beetles and some phase spiders. They cut out some gems from the butts of beetles killed before they could explode their paralyzing gases.
  • The Crew finds a magick door. They go through a bunch of traps. They find a glowing door and a glowing key.
  • The glowing door leads to another level with lots of demons (chasme, quasits, rutterkin, and vrocks). Brecaryn lets out five mirror fiends to help even the odds.
  • Gelatinous cube. Ropers. Broken traps.
  • Josy casts prayer on them before they go to the next level. It's that bad.
  • In this new room, there are more demons (all of the above plus a dretch, a chaos beast, and a big orange one with a bleeding mouth and a split tongue). Brecaryn casts Demon Protection so that the demons can't get at the group physically or magickally.
  • The orange demon gives up and leaves, dropping a different demon in its place. This one looks like a yellow frost giant with stubby legs. He is called Kostchtchie. Kostchtchie reveals the orange demon's name (C'nway) which means Josy can use that against it if we encounter that demon again.
  • The yellow frost giant demon leaves, taking the lesser demons with it.
  • The party finds the sword piece guarded by mind flayers. They also find a totem suit that turns Malouf into a Malouf-sized beaver with the proportional strength of one.
  • They fight the mind flayers even though the mind flayers tell Lieralyn they don't want to fight because Snow doesn't know if their surrender can be trusted. Flerm finds this to be dishonorable.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Brecaryn, C'nway, Flerm, Josy, Kostchtchie, Lieralyn, Malouf, Narasimha the Sphinx, Nightshade, Snow, Turtle the dog

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