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Recap 49: Rusty Mountain Swing

July 21, 2012

  • After retrieving the half blade of Cervantes' sword, the Motley Crew successfully sneaks out of the village of Rohri. They can never, ever go back to that village.
  • They pick up Alana in the oasis and Narasimha takes them back to the foot of the Rusty Mountains.
  • Moss people (obliviax) take their memories and attack them. Malouf smash. Flerm eats Brecaryn's memories and gets her spells.
  • A bunch of sneaky bandits try to blow them up with a rigged campsite, but they are too clever for them. Lieralyn gets turned into a frog.
  • Near Rockholme, the group encounters a band of dwarves and is asked to help them destroy a doomsday device called Mimir's Furnace.
  • Other dwarves introduce them to a lost elf named Thydor. He's their new friend.
  • Flerm has fireball! Not! That's what you get for eating someone else's memories.
  • Back in South Luka, Lord Miles is his usual charming self. He was especially charming towards the Broken Bone. Phantar asks the Crew to help smooth things over with the orcs so that his people can get to the east side of the city and prevent the undead from getting into the rest of Chumera.
  • On the way to the Broken Bone, the Crew decimates a group of undead monsters, impressing a frost giant and vampire who randomly appeared out of the Lukan Sea.
  • The Broken Bone are given lands in exchange for friendly relations. Drinks are had by all.
  • Malouf chats with his good friend Lester Glenn and convinces the barbarians to join with the orcs in fighting the undead.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Battleaxe Harold, Bloodsport, Brecaryn, Bregné, Bull Ironhand, Celial, Eragash, Flerm, General Grethegar, Josy, Lester Glenn, Lieralyn, Lightfoot, Lord Miles, Malouf, Narasimha the Sphinx, Nightshade, Otter, Phantar, Qikko, Roughhouse, Snow, Thydor

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