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Recap 49.1: Mimir's Furnace

October 8, 2011

Sometime in the future...

  • Crossing through the Rockholme Mountains, the Crew meet with a messenger from Duke Rekhan Silverheart. He needs their help with two things. 1) The undead army and 2) Mimir's Furnace
  • Oliver, Malouf, and Klute go deal with the undead army, taking the mirror with them. Everyone else stays to help with Mimir's Furnace.
  • Pol Destine is a dwarf corrupted by a magick crown who now works for the Oblivion King. He's trying to find and use a thing called Mimir's Furnace which will incinerate the world if they don't destroy it within the next four hours.
  • Bolin Braveaxe leads them to the furnace.
  • Umber hulks attack. Flerm and Alana are knocked into a chasm. Josy knocks one into the wall with her mace.
  • Josy falls into a spiked pit. Lieralyn gets clocked in the head by a minotaur. The minotaur would later come to regret making this unprovoked attack.
  • One of the tunnels is full of lots and lots of little lizard monsters lounging around a warm rock. Everyone agrees not to disturb them.
  • They fight a bunch of possessed dwarves, taking care not to kill anyone. Bolin uses the "I'm one of you guys" trick to get a couple of dwarves to open up a door. Works every time.
  • Vain wakes up a muck monster. The monster attacks Vain. Vain does nothing.
  • Xorns eat Lieralyn's necklace and Bolin's adamantine armor. Lieralyn's pissed. Bolin cries.
  • Pol Destine turns himself into a giant lizard. Then he and his group of eight possessed dwarves and four clay golems attack the group.
  • Lieralyn gets possessed and starts chasing Flerm around the room.
  • Bolin gets knocked unconscious.
  • Snow destroys lots of golems.
  • Josy changes Destine back into a dwarf and un-charms Lieralyn.
  • Bolin melts Destine's crown off, destroying it. Then he combines weapons for Lieralyn, Josy, Alana, and Flerm.
  • The furnace is destroyed.
  • Without the mirror, they can't carry all of the treasure. Alana is bitterly disappointed.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

This session, we had a guest player. To read our guest's impressions on playing D&D for the first time click here.

Tags: Alana, Bolin Braveaxe, Brecaryn, Duke Renkhan Silverheart, Flerm, Josy, Lieralyn, Mimir's Furnace, Nightshade, Pol Destine, Snow

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