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Recap 50: The Vampire That Flees No More

September 15, 2012

  • Thydor gets kidnapped.
  • The Motley Crew finally investigate the Vargas estate and find a letter from Maria to Vasquez and a ring. The letter disintegrates. They take the ring.
  • Lord Miles wants the Motley Crew to leave the Mirror of Thought behind. The Crew refuses so Miles tells them they are no longer welcome in South Luka with the mirror.
  • The griffon riders fly them to the Tomb de Vasquez. Vain plows through a bunch of undead. The mages guarding the cave are actually vampires. Snow, Flerm, and Brecaryn use secret signals to get the jump on them.
  • An unknown someone was in contact with these mages via a crystal ball.
  • Brecaryn brings down the Oblivion King's barrier just by standing near it.
  • Flerm loses his boots to a spinning blade trap so he's back to being gimpy.
  • Brecaryn has a chat with the Dragonkin queen. In her head.
  • Michael Vasquez locks the Crew in the basement with Lablab and his undead creatures to show his thanks.
  • Snow frees Thydor.
  • A devil shows up that they can't hurt, so they use a spiked ball on a chain to knock him back into a portal. Josy casts Dispel Magick to close it.
  • Michael Vasquez tells them not to reassemble the Sword of Cervantes.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Battleaxe Harold, Brecaryn, Dragonkin Queen, Flerm, Halia, Josy, Lablab, Lady in White, Lieralyn, Lightfoot, Lord Miles, Malouf, Maria, Michael, Oblivion King, Phantar, Snow, Soulwind, Thydor, Vain

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