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Recap 51: Closing the Chapter on Liches and Vampires

December 1, 2012

  • With Lablab dead, the undead army is uncoordinated and easily routed by the humans, elves, and orcs.
  • Phantar declares the Motley Crew to be Heroes of the Land.
  • Halia secretly tells them Phantar would like the Crew to go to the Northern Kingdoms (also known as "The Five Kingdoms") and scout out any information. Conveniently, Snow has an invitation to visit Baron Karzda in the north.
  • Alana buys an inn called the Squeaky Wheel. Nobody knows why.
  • Snow fights two Masters at once to keep her title of Master of the East Wind.
  • The Crew hangs out with some gnomes. Flerm pays them alot to make him stuff.
  • Everyone the Crew meets tells them the people in the Five Kingdoms don't like non-humans, don't like magick, and think the people of Chumera are primitive.
  • Snow pulls out a bottle with a glowing light that they follow to Baron Karzda.
  • Who loves harpies?
  • Dead Granilla.
  • Baron Karzda says the Five Kingdoms have agreed to have the Motley Crew clean up a disputed area of land and in return, the Crew will get to rule over this area.
  • Questions for Baron Karzda should be posted here.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Baron Karzda, Brecaryn, Flerm, Halia, Josy, Lester Glenn, Lieralyn, Lord Miles, Lotho Bloodsky, Malouf, Nightshade, Old Bart, Phantar, Retameron, Snow, Wunderbar

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did you actually mention all that back story of Snow, Malouf and the baron at the last session?

I was wondering what that means for us and the mirror if he's been in there and if he knows/recognizes it. i assume he's not a magic user because of the place we're in and all that, but in terms of him already knowing of it and possibly what it can do. really more, how did he get in there, was it something he was aware of and if he escaped from inside the mirror, how did that happen? if im not really supposed to know.. okay otherwise, can you consider this as asking Snow privately at some point?

yes, i did mention it briefly during the "what's that light where did you get it from how do we know we should follow it can i get one to put in my backpack?" portion of the game.

my previous group and i met Malouf when we freed him and his people from a wizard named Skarda ( Skarda was the one in possession of the mirror originally. he had built himself a kingdom inside the mirror dimension - not unlike the ambition of some of our own party members.

we met Skarda face-to-face for the first time while investigating the disappearance of Halia and Retameron ( - keep in mind this portion of the recap is written in Venetto's voice).

he brought us into the mirror dimension as prisoners. we fought a pitched battle against his forces. Skarda's slaves revolted which helped turn the tide in our favor. that and a manticore i formed an alliance with. (

in the end, Skarda escaped except for a small bit of him Chyekk was able to capture in a flask.

so, yes, Baron Karzda is intimately familiar with what the mirror is and what it looks like as the one we carry belonged to his former master.

i believe we should be cautious around Karzda and keep the mirror hidden even if it might be pointless. he may still be allied with Skarda or it might have been an alliance of convenience where he feels no particular loyalty to the wizard.

yeah that was way too much to read, even for me. I just skimmed it.. didn't really see much on Karzda per se, but then he wasn't really the important one. I agree that we really should just avoid using it and drawing any more attention to it if possible. We should take any supplies we may need for the first quest out before we meet up with him again just as a precaution while he's around.

also, why the hell are we helping him again? it would seem after all that, you'd hate him with at least a fraction of the hatred Flerm felt for Sgt Muldoon, considering the trickery and fights you guys had to deal with previously. whether or not he's still an ally of Skarda, i'm sure he did a bunch of bad things and now he's in charge? this is such a bad idea...