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Recap 52: Red Dragon Hunt

January 19, 2013

  • The Crew accepts the Five Kingdoms' proposal to clear out the Disputed Territory and become the stewards of this area.
  • Snow and Brecaryn let Thydor out of the Mirror of Thought to snoop around Karzda's castle.
  • Malouf is reunited with his brother Malain who now likes wearing armor and hanging around magick stuff.
  • The Crew fights a long and fierce battle against a red dragon. No quarter was asked and none was given.
  • Flerm calls some fish people to help, but feels bad about them getting decimated and sends them away.
  • Malouf has a disagreement with a weight bearing stone pillar.
  • Lieralyn develops a sudden interest in doors that emanate fear.
  • Dragons trick you into fighting illusions of themselves, but you kill them anyway.
  • We want a castle with two walls, a big moat, murder holes, battlements, secret passages, ...
  • Giant, people-eating spiders deserve to live, too. Maybe. Ok, not really, but it's too late now.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Baron Karzda, Brecaryn, Flerm, Josy, Lieralyn, Malain, Malouf, Snow, Thydor

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