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Recap 58.1: The Vain Experiment

April 26, 2014

  • The Motley Crew wakes up to find themselves in a sheep pit with a very large, axe-wielding stranger.
  • Bordibar turns out to be a good guy. And a good bear.
  • Why are they being held prisoner by a blind cyclops and who is this old lizard man?
  • Fight! Fight! Fight! Lots of grell and white Vains. Throw in a fire elemental and life sucking crystal warriors.
  • After making friends with the derro, they find out Erintrah's really the one keeping them imprisoned
  • Not only that, his real design is to find a way to replicate or control Vain.
  • And he sold some witch the Oblivion King's zombie troll formula.
  • And he got away.
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Bordibar, Brecaryn, Erintrah, Flerm, Josy, Lieralyn, Malouf, Snow, Vain

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