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Recap 62: Entrance to the Underdark

October 25, 2014

  • Baron Karzda has sent the Motley Crew's share of the dragon hoard plus men to build their castle.
  • Havoc Company shows up with Qikko and an unwell Thydor. Malouf, Lieralyn, Thrain, and Adarra go off with them to the Underdark.
  • Three dwarves come a'callin'. One of them is Bolin Braveaxe. He wants to enlist.
  • Two 9-foot men arrive to talk to Brecaryn. They claim everyone used to be as big as they.
  • The Motley Crew has to go into the Underdark to stop Hutijin's minions from trying to shrink the world again.
  • Flerm's pretty good a bluffing, but in the end, they still ended up having to kill a bunch of stuff.
  • Giant mushroom men, flying urds flinging giant weasels, hobgobliny monsters that paralyze and regenerate, sewage pit monsters.
  • Brecaryn got smushed dead dead.
  • Now Josy knows what it feels like to get hit with her knockback mace.
  • Bolin might not be quite right in the head. He definitely shouldn't go first. Or speak.
  • Water wyrds like gems.
  • A super kobold stole Alana's bow. She patiently explained to him why he shouldn't ever do that.
  • Snow smacked her head, rolled down some stairs, fought a monk elephant, talked to a hammer-tail, and missed three times when fighting magick users.
  • Remember that armor Flerm just bought in Gelfini? Hope you weren't too attached to it.
  • Oh hey, there was a much closer entrance to the Underdark in Erintrah's lair.
  • Add "pissed off wizard" to the list of enemies. The group's pretty sure they need to kill this one. Unless "rust monster bulette" sounds like a good thing to have in the world.
  • Hello, Havoc Company. you Alana and Flerm for Malouf and Lieralyn?

Click here to find out how Havoc Company handled having members of the Motley Crew in their party.

Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Alana, Bolin Braveaxe, Brecaryn, Captain Dokari, Flerm, Havoc Company, Josy, Macros the Black, Nightshade, Qikko, Regan the Explorer, Snow, Theodore Dobbins, Vain

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