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Recap 64: Just How Much Underdark Is There?

January 17, 2015

  • Holy crap, that's a lot of Underdark creatures! Too bad Lieralyn and Bolin are being held prisoner because going back the way they came seems like a really good idea.
  • Everybody, in the cart! Lieralyn and Malouf are driving.
  • If you're not Snow, don't try jumping over lava rivers. If you are Snow, take every opportunity to jump over lava rivers cause it's totes awesome.
  • Why are these zombies so fast? Why are they carrying exploding barrels full of acidic goo? Why aren't they afraid of Josy??? Chaos beasts oozing goo out of their chests, that's why.
  • Don't go ignoring headless skeletons that give you visions of their missing skull. It'll cost you 20 years if you do.
  • Fire giants are bullies that shake you down for your lunch money. At least they hate mind flayers, too.
  • Ooh! Puzzles! We're great at solving puzzles. (did you feel the sarcasm?)
  • Hey, there are some dragonkin actually still alive. And they've got a dragon they're trying to raise so it can spread destruction and chaos around the world. Ofc we would be happy to help you get it back under control.
  • Oh noes! Theodore Dobbins died! For reals this time!
  • Hey, King Snurre says he created Vain. Wait! What?? We have to go? But we have questions!!!
Click here for a detailed retelling of the events.

Tags: Bolin Braveaxe, Brecaryn, Josy, King Snurre, Lieralyn, Malouf, Nightshade, Snow, Theodore Dobbins, Vain

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