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Recap 17 Supplemental: The Kings of Stealth

April 26, 2008

We're So Stealthy, It Looks Like a Frontal Assault

The party concluded they would try once more to negotiate a new bargain with Gloiterwome without actually having anything to barter with. At least they were bright enough to have some backup plans in place should the negotiations go badly.

Which they did.

Gloiterwome attacked, nearly killing most of the party. Luckily for them, their abilities to resist cold helped them to survive the icy blast. Brecaryn, having the ability to issue Vain a single command, did so then. She told Vain to protect the party. Vain immediately leapt onto Gloiterwome's snout, stretching himself to wrap around her jaw completely, preventing her from delivering anymore breath attacks. Brecaryn then slowed the dragon down with a stinking cloud, impairing the dragon's abilities further. Malouf, Lieralyn, and Flerm went at her head on. Snow jumped over the party, landing on the dragon's leg and dealt a knee shattering blow. She quickly moved to smash the second knee.

As Gloiterwome pitched forward, the three below leapt out of the way, but Malouf and Lieralyn lost their weapons under the dragon. Forcing herself up, the dragon managed to fly, crashing through the ceiling to escape. The falling ice and snow blocked the back of the cave and nearly buried the party.

After everyone was dug out, Snow went outside to see if the dragon was still around. She was. Snow tried to force the information regarding the Essence from Gloiterwome but to no avail. The dragon chose to pitch herself off the cliff instead.

Meanwhile, Brecaryn prepared a fireball to melt an entrance to the back of the cave. The Essence must be in there. Before she did this, Snow made sure to grab onto Josy, fearing the rush of melted water would sweep the halfling out and over the edge. Malouf was able to grab his axe, but Lieralyn lost her sword in the ensuing flood.

In the back of the cave was a large pool of water which turned out to be the Essence of Frost. Before the party could decide what to do with it, Gloiterwome attacked a second time. Luckily for the party, still badly injured from the first fight, Vain appeared and saved them again. This time, they were able to kill her.

Choosing to go first, Snow submerged herself in the pool. As Mangar's message had said, she was given a choice of defense or offense. She chose offense and felt her power increase. She left the pool with a slight blue tinge to her skin. The rest of the party took turns. Even Dog. Josy and Brecaryn chose "defense" while the rest chose "offense."

After this, the party decided to take the dragon's head in case they encountered the Frost Giants and needed to curry favor.

As they exited the cave, they saw the Frost Giants had started coming up the mountain having seen the fight between Gloiterwome and Vain below. Seeing the dragon's head, they cheered and invited the group to their village as heroes. They presented Vain with a shield as a sign of appreciation.

The next morning, the party returned to Mangar's Training Ground through the portal, making sure to take the jade disc, sealing the doorway. Upon returning to Willy, they discovered Malouf's barbarian friends had arrived and made camp all around Willy's home, and then proceeded to get everyone drunk.

The group found out that the barbarians had chased the drow away. This came back to haunt them soon afterwards. They contacted Flerm and told him that because of the betrayal, they were planning on stealing the shield, thinking that this was in fact the Essence. Thankfully, Flerm, not being one of many words, didn't correct them.

Wood elves came and demanded the army leave the forest immediately as the barbarians were injuring it. The party decided to split up. Brecaryn and Flerm would travel to Sabael to find out what they could about the Red Bull, the Essence of Frost, the Plane of Fire, and a sentient sword Flerm picked up in Gloiterwome's cave (and can't seem to put back down). The rest would take the barbarian horde to Bryn Sturgis and wait for them there.

In Bryn Sturgis, the drow attacked and successfully made off with the shield. Curiously, they took pains not to kill any of the party. Not even when Snow caught up with them and demanded the return of the shield. Instead of killing her when they could, they pitched her over the side of their vehicle and continued on. Only 1 drow was injured and unable to escape. Malouf questioned him harshly. He said that Malekith did not wish to hurt the party, but had thought the group had told the barbarians to chase the drow away, thus reneging on the partnership. Malekith's goal was still to defeat the Red Bull. They were headed for Yokel. Mind flayers had taken over the town. Considering the townfolks' odd behaviour during the party's last visit, it made sense.

Upon learning the shield was not the essence, the drow begged to be allowed to warn Malekith. Travelling at night was still dangerous. Malouf asked for volunteers among the horde to run the drow to Yokel. Two came forward and left with the drow. They never made it to Yokel.

Brecaryn and Flerm rejoined the group, only encountering some small trouble with the wood elves in Mangar's Woods again.

The group headed out early the next morning, intent on getting to Yokel before nightfall. The plan - barbarians would storm the town walls from the front while the party climbed in from the back, using the distraction in the front as cover.

Unsure where the mind flayers might have made their base of operations, the party decided to try the mayor's house first. After incapacitating two mind-controlled guards, the party was about to break in when an injured drow appeared. The fight was taking place in the church, not the mayor's home. They gave the injured drow a weapon and told him to lay low.

Next stop, the church.

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