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Recap 87 Supplemental: Hear Me, My People! Keep Your Chains on a Little Longer So We Don't Get Attacked!

January 5, 2019

On the Run

Fleeing from the Juggernauts, the party nearly dies during an ambush by manscorpions. With luck and help from a family of meerkats (summoned by Adarra), they are able to chase the creatures off. Jandove and Delphine sleep in the wagon during the trip back to al-Laquant, but their dreams are disturbing, and they don't feel rested when they wake.

The group reunites with Kurtis. While he'd been in the city, he was been attacked (and bitten) by a were-bear minion of Set and overheard some conversations that indicate Set's minions have infiltrated the city. Visiting Lady Katherine as she packs to leave for Nyngard, they ask her to research the Staff of Law and send her findings to Vashti in the Disputed Territory.

In the tavern, The Harper is hailed by a colleague named The Bailiff of the South. The Bailiff claims he has a way to slow the Juggernauts' pursuit and The Harper opts to stay to help him. The rest of the Motley Too argue about where their next destination should be.

Adarra wishes to get to the boy in Nizwah as soon as possible. The Green is an unnatural construct and the sooner they wake the boy, the sooner the desert can revert to its natural state. Killing the boy would be the easiest way to ensure the balance is restored while also denying the Oblivion King a body to possess.

Sir Gyles wants to go to Qasr. The kobolds were kidnapped to mine the material Crulicar has been using to make the white Vains. The paladin hopes to find information there that will pertain to the Juggernauts. And he is against killing innocent children.

The rest of the group have no strong opinions either way, but as they cannot agree on what they would do once they had the boy, the majority votes to head to Qasr. As they exit the city, more of Set's minions attack them. Having had no rest since they arrived at the tomb in Banha, the group is in no condition to fight and opt for the better part of valour. Kurtis whistles for the sphinx Narasimha, and he carries them away on his back. His speed can gain them even more time before the Juggernauts catch up.

As they fly south over the desert, Adarra reflects on what she had just experienced. When escaping al-Laquant, the druid transformed into a snake to move over the sand more easily, but in this form, she became aware of the Set's minions' thoughts and they of hers. If Set has dominion over serpents, she will have to remember not to use any snake forms while in this place.

Narasimha gives them more bad news. He has seen two objects moving at great speed from the northwest. The Motley Too concludes it must be the two Juggernauts, but how are they now moving so quickly?

No Rest for the Weary

Once in Qasr, they thank Narasimha for his aid and find a safe place to rest for the day. Unfortunately, Laktos the Intolerant, the commander of the mining post, saw Narasimha fly away. Somehow, Laktos already received information all the way from al-Laquant that the Motley Too had escaped on a sphinx. His men are patrolling the area and find the group's camp before any of them get any sleep. Although they put up a valiant fight, they are exhausted and in the end, all but Kurtis are captured. Wileu, Sir Gyles, Jandove, and Delphine have their weapons and gear stripped as their unconscious bodies are carried to the mining camp. Collars are placed on them to prevent use of magick. Adarra, having transformed into a lion during the battle, is caged separately from the others.

The next day, Jandove and Sir Gyles talk to the other prisoners while pretending to work in the mining pit. The camp is set near a lake that has been blocked off by a dam.

The humans tell Sir Gyles they are smugglers and have a ship near the coast but not enough crew left on board to mount a rescue mission. The kobolds are wary at first, but Jandove convinces them she is their friend. They tell her of a fissure at the bottom of the mine that leads to a cavern. Within, there are some kind of faceless creatures that frighten the kobolds. Jandove entreats them to show her. The cavern is damp from the lake above. When she looks around a corner, she sees the things that scare the kobolds. They face away from her, inanimate and intensely focused on a blue magick shield blocking off one of the cavern corridors, as if waiting for something to come through.

Kurtis is the Best Singer They've Ever Heard

Meanwhile, as Adarra paces in her cage, watched over by a thoul mage, Kurtis sneaks into the camp, kills the mage, and frees her. They come up with a plan to wreak havoc in the camp, causing a big enough distraction for their friends to free themselves and perhaps enabling Kurtis to find and liberate the group's equipment.

It starts off well. Kurtis is able to charm the camp cook into starting a fire in the canteen. Adarra, still a lion, drags a screaming thoul through the camp, killing him with maximum carnage. Unfortunately, although Laktos leaves his quarters (and the equipment chests) to investigate the commotion, the commander's response is to throw a portable summoning circle on the ground, bringing a horned devil into this plane.

Seeing the canteen on fire and hearing Adarra's roar, the four in the pit weigh their options - use the distraction to their advantage or do nothing...They quietly pretend to keep mining until Laktos orders the thouls and beholders to kill all the prisoners. As kobolds drop dead around them, Delphine has her hawk familiar Tala grab a key ring from one of the guards so that they can remove the collars. Wileu, Jandove, and Sir Gyles wield their pickaxes while they urge the others to flee into the cavern.

With the collar off, Delphine is able to use magick again. She teleports herself to the roof of Laktos' quarters and shimmies down the chimney to retrieve their equipment. As she does this, the two Juggernauts burst through the camp doors. With no regard for obstacles, they crash through buildings in their attempt to get to the Motley Too. They are once again moving more slowly. But as long as they keep moving in a straight line, they appear to pick up speed with every step.

Just as one of the Juggernauts walks through the wall of Laktos' quarters, Delphine finds a portable hole in one of the chests. Falling back in surprise, she serendipitously drops the hole on top of herself. The Juggernaut pauses and walks out again as if it can no longer sense her presence. Once clear, Delphine quickly puts whatever she can grab into the portable hole, frequently ducking back into the hole so the Juggernaut can't get a fix on her location.

Let's Make This a Fair Fight

The horned devil recognizes Sir Gyles is a paladin and challenges him.

Sir Gyles: If you really want to fight a paladin, you should get my equipment so that it's a fair fight.

The devil accepts and tears the roof off Laktos' quarters to scoop up Sir Gyles' armor and weapon. He just happens to snag Jandove's bow and arrows, as well. So singular is his focus, he doesn't even bother to glance at Delphine. She finishes filling up the hole and teleports herself back to the cavern opening at the bottom of the pit.

Cursing the devil for helping his enemies and the Juggernauts for ruining his operation, Laktos leaves in an intolerant huff. Seeing their commander leave, the rest of the soldiers follow suit. As he passes the summoning circle, an ogre guard picks the summoning circle off the ground and folds it away. The devil winks out of existence before Sir Gyles has to fight him. Accepting his reprieve, he grabs the equipment and heads to the cavern entrance.

Adarra changes into a falcon and attacks one of the beholder guards to give the prisoners a better chance at escaping. As she's landing the killing blow, she sees Kurtis get paralyzed by one of the thouls. She flies over to carry him into the pit. With everyone inside the cavern, Delphine destroys the dam and caves in the entrance. The force of the water bursting through slows the Juggernauts down, but it won't hold them for long. And with the faceless things further in the cave, how can they move forward?

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Tags: Adarra, Delphine, Doggie, Jandove, Juggernauts, Kurtis, Lady Katherine, Laktos the Intolerant, Narasimha the Sphinx, Sir Gyles, Tala, The Bailiff of the South, The Harper of the North, Wileu

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