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Recap 88 Supplemental: Tomb of Horrors

January 19, 2019

Tomb of Death Traps, More Like

The Motley Too escape from Laktos the Intolerant's mining camp in Qasr with the captured kobolds and pirates through the cavern below the lake. The faceless creatures that Jandove saw earlier are gone or dead, their bodies and those of Tusken Raiders scattered around the cavern. The magickal barrier they were guarding is also gone. Outside the cave, The Harper of the North is waiting for them. The pirates agree to take the kobolds back to the Disputed Territory. Kurtis travels with them to the pirates' ship. The rest of the party hurry to Nizwah, fully aware that the Juggernauts will be following closely behind.

Along the way, their disturbed dreams continue to prevent them from getting a good night's rest. Sir Gyles is able to heal some of the party's injuries, and Adarra uses the healing properties of her transformation skill to heal herself so that the group arrives in Nizwah in somewhat better condition than when they left Qasr.

Three days later, they approach the steps to the City of the Dead. Two large statues guard the entrance. One steps forward.

Jackal-Headed Statue: Greetings to those who dealt such a humiliating blow to Set. Anubis welcomes you to the City of the Dead. You may traverse the City so long as you proceed directly to your goal.
The unwitting priests of Osiris placed the sleeping Dar as-Sabtah in the Tomb of Acererak. Set thought it amusing to place the boy in the tomb of the Lich that taught Dar as-Sabtah to become the Oblivion King in your original timeline.
You will be unmolested on your journey to the Tomb, and my servants shall light the way. But I can offer you little protection once you are inside the Tomb. Be warned that your magic will be weakened. Aceerak has sealed his Tomb from obvious uses of magic, and he has prevented all forms of healing. The one protection I can offer is that should any of you die, your soul will not be collected, and it will be free to continue to aid those who live. Anubis is still master of death here. Should you defeat Acererak, your dead will be restored.

So, the group entered the tomb...

...and this happened.

In the end, they retrieved the boy and only Sir Gyles and Adarra died. Since Anubis promised he'd restore them, it's like they didn't even die. Now they just have to deal with the Juggernauts, Set's minions, and all of the inhabitants of Al-Laquant who will soon lose their unnaturally fertile lands.

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Tags: Adarra, Captain Owlbeard, Delphine, Jandove, Sir Gyles, Tala, The Harper of the North, Wileu

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