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Beeblebrox's rules of spellcasting:

Unlike a normal MU, you do not have to memorize individual spells. Instead, you get a set number of "spellpoints" that can be used to cast any spells in your spellbooks.

Lvl 1 spells cost one point, lvl 2 cost 2, etc.

The number of spellpoints an MU can cast are based on the number of spells they would normally be able to cast per level, multiplied by the level. For example

If a level 5 magic user with a 16 intelligence could normally memorize 3 lvl 1, 2 lvl 2, and 1 lvl 3 spells, they would instead have (3 * 1) + (2 * 2) + (1 * 3) = 10 spellpoints.

Exception: Some spells are reversible, which, for an MU, means that the spell is memorized backwards, and when cast, produces the opposite of the normal effect (for example, the 1st level Light, when memorized backwards, produces an area of Darkness). (This is different than a reversible cleric spell, which is memorized normally and simply cast backwards.) In order for an MU using the spellpoint method to cast a reversed spell, they must expend double the normal spellpoints (therefore, for example, while Light would cost 1 point, Darkness would cost 2).

Spellpoints are replenished with a period of meditation and a decent night's (6-8 hours) sleep.

It should be noted that the Magician's Guild has declared the "spellpoints" method of casting to be "far too dangerous", without being specific about what the dangers are. Additionally, anyone using this method of casting loses all benefits that being a Guild member would provide. It is not possible for the vast majority spellcasters to switch between casting methods.

This method of spellcasting is more difficult to learn and therefore requires the sacrifice of 1 weapon and 2 non-weapon proficiencies.

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